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Sep. 10th, 2012 06:54 pm
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Things that kinda amuse in reflection. Skimming over the entries I imported...

All that frustration? 99% GONE. Kinda nice to know that most of my table flipping was result of the crappy landlord situation.

God I love where we live right now <3

So yeah, general update, moving stuff to Dreamwidth, volunteering at the co-op, maaaaybe picking up a 2nd part time job there? It depends how things go but I told Julia I'd be interested and she knows I know computers and have organization skills. So unless she finds someone else who has experience doing exactly what she wants... Really hopeful there. :) YEAR ROUND EMPLOYMENT FUCK YEAH :D

Still mostly doing chatter on Plurk because lol, journals, when do I update them? But hey! An update that's not frustration! Whee!
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Dear landlord:

Kindly do not tell me we owe you money when we, in fact. Do not.

- Signed.
Your soon to be former tenant

Ooooh I will be glad to be done with this passive aggressive bullshit. I should NOT have to quote the lease to remind this asshole we paid first and last utilities when we moved in. Utilities that have gone down since they were finally shared like he said they would be from the start. Thus, as he's telling us we owe him, he actually owes us.

And he wants us to: "Please straighten up and clean (especially the kitchen)."

Haha no. We are packing. There are boxes everywhere. Deal with it. And don't give me a sob story about your poor health and say "I know you haven't been feeling well, and that's probably not helping your disposition." when I quote the lease at you, Jim. You are a landlord. If your health is interfering with your ability to READ ENGLISH THAT YOU WROTE, maybe you need to get a new job that doesn't require you to be a functional human being. Don't say I'm being cranky for stating facts.

We stopped being "friends" when you came into our apartment when we weren't home, looked through our things and took something. Ya know. A clear violation of the law. And then got upset when we told you to TELL US NEXT TIME. Legally? We can sue your ass for pain and suffering. You aught to be thanking US for just telling you to give us notice next time, not bitching us out. Just like you should be being nice to us since we haven't told the satellite company about the scam you have going with their installer. Considering you asked us to LIE for you with your insurance fraud, you're damned lucky more ways than I can count. You are a shady lying bastard and I hope you get shitty tenants every time you rent because it's all you deserve. A landlord does not threaten or whine or break the law. He takes care of the damned property, fixes shit when it breaks and doesn't bitch about how much money it costs him and how he doesn't have money to fix anything.

And you better believe we're going to be here when he shows the apartment tomorrow. Last time he came in when we weren't here, a bottle of wine went missing and our stuff was moved. Like hell we're gonna give him the opportunity to do it again.
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So for everyone I don't already pester on IM, Twitter or Plurk:


Move in date is the 15th. Stuff can get started moving the 12.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa packing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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I'm just a bundle of ARG and repressed flailing and stress so bad right now. I want that house. I want it bad. I want to get out of this fucking apartment and into a place that doesn't have horrible drafts and an abusive manipulative landlord. The house for rent we went to see is NICE and the lady showing us was all "and if that breaks, we'll fix it, my husband is handyman, he fixes everything." It has a semi finished basement [aka, THERE IS A FLOOR IT IS NOT JUST DIRT] and attic [Ditto, there is a floor, it could be a spare bedroom as long as it's not winter] Landlord takes care of some of the grounds work [the flower beds/landscaping stuff.] there is a HUGE garden plot, a front and back enclosed porch EVERYTHING LOOKS SO NICE AND NOT HALF ASSED T_T. There is even a two car garage WITH STORAGE BEHIND.

And you know how you can walk into a place and tell if it's well isolated/sealed? Yeah. There's even new windows that are the double pained glass.

But yeah. Nice sized house. Not to big but we don't NEED big. And the landlord takes care of the water bill, and they only used around 350 gallons of oil last winter. Which, considering this house has gone through 300 gallons in the past TWO MONTHS in the SPRING end of winter?

Yeah. We will be saving so much utilities money on this place.

Do want. Do want so bad I am ANTSY AS ALL FUCK.

I really just... I need the change. I need the nice the lack of freaking ANTS and assholes and noisy parties next door and people walking off with my bike and moving my solar stakes and just ARG.
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In direct opposition to the previous post:

I really like how this one came out. Think I'm gonna keep it :) The center bead came outta a grab bag [one of those "BIG VALUE!" packs and was totally worth it.

I think this is why I keep spending too much money in craft stores....
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I'm just getting to a point where I just couldn't give a shit less about so many things. -_-

Nobody cares about the shit I do, that's fine, whatever. I don't really share any interests with people. I've stopped caring about card game stuff long ago. I cared more about the Sennen Item plotlines than the duels even back at the start and the cards are what they continued on about, so I kinda never really went too far with the sequels. But that's what half my friends list likes so I just kinda listen in and try and pay attention.

I don't like Shakespeare. I kinda sorta like running around like a monkey for theater and I'm starting to worry that I somehow signed up to be more in charge of something other than making sure things run smoothly and taking car of what's been set up. Nothing in common with that group either.

I'm not a teacher. I work in a school, think the whole system is full of shit and don't really like most of my coworkers. I like playing with the data and making it accessible and TRYING to start change so things work better. Only noone understands a thing that I do. It's like maaaagic. Nothing in common there.

I have one friend in town who is not living in this house with me. We both like anime in general and vaguely video games. Barely see her because she's a bigger hikikomori than I am.

Starting to feel frustrated with where I live. There's nothing in Rutland but a few small stores and a bunch of strip malls. There's nothing really in Poutlney but a small main street.

I have noone to talk to outside of my house about things I enjoy doing, what few they are. And mostly that just entails "Look at this thing I made! Gimme feedback!"

Starting to feel inches away from flipping everything, grabbing Judy and driving off into the sunset or something.

just-- fuck everything.
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So. It's not cancer. It's a massive infection due to a stopped up gall bladder. Ya know. Something that's treatable.


Fucking hell, man. They were telling everyone he was going to be dead within a year. My whole family is a freaking wreak over this. And they were WRONG.

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Got a call from mom yesterday about my uncle being in the hospital because he wound up severely jaundiced. Found a tumor behind his liver and gall stones.

And cancer.

And today they found out that the cancer's already metastasized. It's in his stomach and intestines already. If they do surgery, there's a 10% chance of survival. With those odds, he's refusing it.

Grandma got told today about the cancer. Mom just told her yesterday about the jaundice. Doesn't want to tell her about the rest and I don't blame her.

Told me yesterday to send a get well card. Told me today to change it to a "Thinking of you."

Because there's very little chance he will get better.


Apr. 3rd, 2011 06:52 pm
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So, I've been trying to find me a colourful, bright and not insanely overpriced necklace to have some flamboyancy that innit just limited to my hat. After a few days of searching online (and boggling at some of the shit people sell on Esty as well as some of the PRICES on Etsy...) I decided, fuck it, I'm gonna make my own.

Poke around Joanne's, find little, go to Michaels: Oh ho! 50% sale on strands. Spend a good hour or so just looking everything over before realizing that I need more than just this unless I'm gonna spend a looot more than I had intended. Find a beading starter kit with a gazillion seed beads and a few other things in it. Not on sale, but I have a 40% off coupon that brings it down to 17. Which is high, but doable and the most economical way to get what I want. Wind up dropping a good 35 bucks for that plus a few strands of singles/shineies. Lazily work on it on and off in the afternoon and...

Photo! )

Came out pretty good for a first project (not including one I made in girl scout camp yeeeears ago :D)

So. Now that I have all these supplies.. anybody want me to try and make em something? :) I have seed beads of almost every colour possible right now :D


Mar. 10th, 2011 05:17 pm
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LJ's IP is listed in the Spamhaus Blocking List because LJ is allowing Russian pharma spammers to abuse their service. Spamhaus is one of the most respected anti spam organizations in the world, and being listed there means they've ignored spammers on their network for quite a while and virtually no large ISP/email host wants their mail until they start acting like responsible Internet citizens.

http://www.spamhaus.org/Sbl/listings.lasso?isp=livejournal.com is the listing.

So yeah. That's probably why notifs are fucked.
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So on Saturday, we had 48 deg weather for over 24 hours. Things melted, we could see pavement that hadn't been visible in months, the sidewalk ridge was low enough that I could see around it...

Then at about noon Sunday, the temp started dropping. And it's been slowly dropping since. The rain turned to freezing rain, then snow.

This morning, I peek out the window to find this.

There's been so much wind that there's a foot of snow against the door despite the porch.

I'm not good at estimating, but we have to have gotten at least 2 feet. And because of all the melting earlier, there's gotta be a thick sheet of ice under all that.



Feb. 23rd, 2011 03:53 pm
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So I ordered Judy some manga a while back. It was back ordered, so it took a while for them to even ship it. Checked the delivery confirmation today and went "Huh. It says it was delivered yesterday..."

Search the porch, nothing.


Check with next door.


Call post office. The clerk will talk to the carrier and call me back.

She does, and the carrier says he put it in our box.

Now. See. We have one of those side of the house mail boxes. It's about maybe.. an inch and a half wide and about 6 inches tall. There is no way any package could fit in that thing.

Clerk says she'll ask again, but he said that he put it in the box.

Check the porch again. The only "box" out there is the wood bench chest. Not in there. Not anywhere.

WTF, post office.

I just have to hope wherever it wound up, someone will go "Huh. This innit mine" and bring it back to the post office so they can actually deliver it here.
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Went to take a photo of something to send Sennet and my cell phone went "oh noes, full memory card!" Take out the card, stick it in the computer and oh wow, nearly 300 photos on that card taken from March of last year. Looking through that stack showed an interesting slide show of the last year: Photos taken from inside restaurants, yard sale finds, my brother's birthday pie fight, the inside of Judy's parents basement, Passover, showing off odd things found in stores, Shakespeare on Main street, projects in process, food being cooked, the ruins of the back yard, the guinea pigs, parking lots, "We were here" photos, shots from the inside of a moving car, relatives, family gatherings...

Cameras themselves are amazing things. A press of a button and you have a record of a moment in time that would have otherwise passed in a moment.

Digital cameras were the next step: Film was suddenly reusable and insanely cheep. One memory card could hold hundreds of photos.

Cell phone cameras meant that you always had a camera with you. With multi media texting, you could send a photo instantly to someone far away.

The ability to visual record and remember your world and share it with others, available to everyone...

It's just kind amazing.
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This is just for my entire friends list


You guys are all amazing people. Seriously. Things will get better.

And don't worry about disappointing people. People understand that things happen. Do what you have to do. Things will still be waiting for you when you get back.
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Think that would be worth 3 bucks if I tried selling it?

Or should I try doing a small pack of like... 3-5 different designs instead of a single card?
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→ Take a screenshot of your desktop.
→ Take a screenshot your media player (if you have one up).
→ Take a screenshot of another program you have up.
→ Pick a tab you have up and take a screenshot of it.

Too lazy to do the rest, lol.

And fear, that's probably the most uncluttered my firefox and task bar have been in a while.


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