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Birth, Part 2.
Mild language warning.

Birth - Part 2 )
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Title: Birth
Central Characters: Bakura, Yami Bakura
Pairings: Breif BakuBaku in the beginning.
Warning: Mpreg (breif. See below for more on that)

Co written with Sennet. This is yet another cliche reclaimed writing, for the most part. I came up with a "realistic" magical Mpreg and realisitc consequences for what would happen after. The Mpreg is not a standard pregancy, it's more of a figurative/symbolic one, and is only in the beginning of the first section, really, but the warning is being put out for people who really would rather avoid that sort of thing.

Birth - part 1 )
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Got this chaper done much quicker. :D Mean's it's also much less edited. ^^;

Changes: Chapter 7 )
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Fear the amazing shrinking chapters! ^^:;

Changes, Chapter 6 )
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Baku Centric fic.

WARNING! This is not a happy fic and deals with nasty things like insest and pedofilia. You may want to have some fluff ready to read after this.

Yes, this is another taking a bad, abused plotbunny and trying to make it logical.

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I... just wrote YB/Shadi/Baku. ^^;;;;;;; A pairing so random, it problem doesn't even have a shipping name. :D

Backstory: Sennet found this page of WTF Yuugiou plotbunnies, and one of em ha dthis YB reverts to a kid cause of trama and Shadi takes care of him blahblahblah. Judy, reading this off started just comentingon the pairing. And my brain went 'Ya know? That would explaine the twiches between those two'

and thus, this fic was born. ^^ And not at all like I thought it would. @_@

It's all Shadi's inner thoughts set in that 15second smidge of himlooking at Baku in the filler ep in Battle Ship.

Reflection of Memories )
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Hey look everybody, I wrote something solo! :D

Yet another cliche reclaimed fic. I think it'sj ust a first chapter, not sure. Could just be a one shot. Probally is, knowing me.

Bakura centric. Bakura finds out something about himself that forces him to reevlauate his life as he is faced with a difficult desision about his body and himself.

Warning: Deals with gender issues and identity )


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