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I'm just a bundle of ARG and repressed flailing and stress so bad right now. I want that house. I want it bad. I want to get out of this fucking apartment and into a place that doesn't have horrible drafts and an abusive manipulative landlord. The house for rent we went to see is NICE and the lady showing us was all "and if that breaks, we'll fix it, my husband is handyman, he fixes everything." It has a semi finished basement [aka, THERE IS A FLOOR IT IS NOT JUST DIRT] and attic [Ditto, there is a floor, it could be a spare bedroom as long as it's not winter] Landlord takes care of some of the grounds work [the flower beds/landscaping stuff.] there is a HUGE garden plot, a front and back enclosed porch EVERYTHING LOOKS SO NICE AND NOT HALF ASSED T_T. There is even a two car garage WITH STORAGE BEHIND.

And you know how you can walk into a place and tell if it's well isolated/sealed? Yeah. There's even new windows that are the double pained glass.

But yeah. Nice sized house. Not to big but we don't NEED big. And the landlord takes care of the water bill, and they only used around 350 gallons of oil last winter. Which, considering this house has gone through 300 gallons in the past TWO MONTHS in the SPRING end of winter?

Yeah. We will be saving so much utilities money on this place.

Do want. Do want so bad I am ANTSY AS ALL FUCK.

I really just... I need the change. I need the nice the lack of freaking ANTS and assholes and noisy parties next door and people walking off with my bike and moving my solar stakes and just ARG.
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Planties update: We think the mystery not bean may be a gourd! Shaped like a butternut but not at all a butternut and FUZZY oh god it's fuzzy and so soft~

My work printer apparently was hungry. It ate part of itself. One of the belts that moves the paper along is just kinda hanging out, not attached to anything any more. *had toner nailpolish for a little while*

Actually had a nightmare last night. One that I physically broke out of (and nearly smacked Juchan upside the head doing so @_@.) Haven't had one of those in a long while. Purely physical based too. Was in a car and the person driving decided to just start driving around in a circle and turn the ride into a centrifuge even with me screaming for them to stop. They finally did for like.. 15 seconds. Then the went to start again. So I went to hit them and then I was awake. It made for a weird morning @_@

And I won something! free dvd aw yeah! Looks like a neat movie. Will watch at some point~

I have started working on knitting again! Current project: Crazy blankets! Using up started skeins and leftover bits, making rectangles with intent to sew em together. One's gonna be all roughly the same type of yarn, one is just gonna be LOTS OF RANDOM THINGS WHEEE.

Anxiety is yet again spiking, which is a problem. Taking steps to try and ease one of the causes, well see if it helps.

and it needs to stop being so hoooot so I can exercise more with out meeeeltttiing T_T
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Since I've only said I should do this since forever. ^^;;;

cut for photos )

part 2!

Aug. 8th, 2010 10:42 am
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Natsume Yuujinchou: Who has seen it? I FINALLY resumed watching it this week [only been on my harddrive for 2 years, that's not that long, right? phhht] and oh god this show is so fluffy and brings a smiles to my face. It's like Mushishi lite. So nice. And it has a sequel now. [Have gotten that, we'll see how long it takes me to watch THAT] Still not licensed else I'd probably go get the discs.

I founds some cutesy hair clips for my now oh so short hair (which looks better) that are all rainbowy and I (finally) replaced the string for my hat with a rainbow of ribbon [50 cents a spool and buy one get one aw yeah] so I am even MOAR COLOURFUL.

The garden is looking real nice. (I should photo to show off) The beans are just climbing over EVERYTHING, the tomatoes have a good amount of little green tomatoes on em. Corn and squash are a bit slow, but I planted them late. Onions are being hugged by the beans (or rather, one very very active bean plant. Next year if I use those seeds again I need to trellis them.) Got permission to dig up the weed bed and plant stuff, too. I AM ALREADY PLANNING NEXT YEARS GARDEN. WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE THE URGE TO PLANT STUFF IN THE WRONG SEASON. Finally found some place with more of the chickenwire I wanted for the fencing, gonna get that all set up later. Probably tomorrow. We'll see.

So Kristen finally is admitting that the hedgekeeper is her boyfriend. Aaaand after not being home more than 5 hours in 3 weeks, she's moving out. So awkward as we try and find a new forth. @_@ Though really, I have no idea WHEN she's moving out since she said she was, gave me her part of the month's rent.... and then vanished into the sunset with her boyfriend. Maybe they have to get his place ready for all her stuff first IDK. Whatever. Heck, depending how much a storage place costs her, maybe she's planning on just stoeing it all here, who knows!

... and I am yawning a bunch despite being hyper. Oh lord today's gonna be interesting. *flutters off*
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That goodness the heat and humidity have BROKEN. Last nights low was 50 degrees~ so happy! I want all of summer to be in the 70!

Finally got more stuff in the garden yesterday with m'Judy's help. It's coming along nicely. Direct seeded the squashes kinda late but that's my own dingusnes. Just emptied out an entire envelope of self-saved seeds into the bed. We'll see what comes up. Finally got that onion set in as well. @_@ They may be dead by now but we'll see. Still have half a garden plot. May just start doing pet pots of various old seed packets and see what comes up since the packet of asters I used hasn't done a thing yet. Def. need to remember next year: Peat pots for everything I'm gonna transplant. I buggered the roots for the tomatoes so baaad getting them out of the cell packs! But they seem to be doing all right...

Need to get a lot of weeding by the strawberries done. Hoeing the rest of the beds three times and letting them sit to get the weed seed out seems to have done rather well. Third hoeing only had a few things to get out.

The bruise from the last IV is slooowly going away finally. Can't tell if my energy level is any better cause lol, summer, wut. Plus waking up to construction between the house down the road being knocked down and now they're ripping up the sidewalk and doing pipework or something IDK. But it's still kinda nrrrg. But hey, I still slept in til 9:30, novelty :D

Anyone out there doing SolarFest this year?
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Oh hey, I have this thing. *derp*

[[General note to people: Stalking o the Frannen is currently best done via Twitter [same account name as here] or Facebook. As per usual I have gotten back into the habit of only being logged in on my main RP account. ^^;;;; I fail at personal LJ yet again]]

So, general update stuff! Work is going awesome: Sue is putting in a proposal for me to get an extra 5 hours a week to do stats stuff [aaaaaw yeaaaaah] and I wound up putting in 45 min over this week cause I was all stats processing like the nerd I am and making graphs and charts and stuff. Jess wants me to teach Anne how to do the Progress Report charts like I did when I was working for her instead [Anne's take: "pppph no, not happening"] and Sarah must have told me like 5 times yesterday how awesome it was that I could do all this stuff. I AM THE DATA QUEEN OF THE EST TEAM~! [well redundant but hey, noone not in it knows what EST stands for lol]

Finally got my courage together and am going for the IV iron. @_@ Had the first session this week. 2.5 hooours in a rooom full of people over 60 getting transfusions and kemo and oh god my life *sobs* I always feel so awkward when I have to do medical things. When I went to see the immune system specialist, I was the only patient under 60 I ever saw. At the endocrinologist, same basic deal. And now at the blood doctor's. Maybe it's just because I only work mornings so I'm there when most people my age are in 9-5s buuut...

But yeah. First IV went off fine. Sennet and I watched crap on the Ipod and I made fun o Sennet for being more squeamish than I was. :) Was assured the 2nd and 3rd sessions would only take an hour since they had to do the trial run the first time.

Had to restart the seedlings for the garden, so they're getting a late start, but really, with this weather? It was 45 yesterday morning, no good for tomatoes. and hopefully since starting the IVs I can actually, ya know, get some work done in the garden m;self instead of being all "Senneeeeet do this!" Need to get some mulch cause lol, too lazy to weed ^^;; And just using cut grass is working fine, but doesn't cover enough.

We have an neighbor in the other apartment now. Don't really see her much and when we do, she's got a gazillion people over @_@. So much for the "Don't want to rent to college kids" thing Jim had going... She also has a dog so also lol ditto on the no pets thing. Oh Jim. @_@

I finally got a birdfeeder and have been happily bird watching from my desk. There's this pair of fat-ass blue jays who hang out now, seen some cardinals, sparrows and chickadees, there was a pair of nuthatches today for the first time which was an "ooooh" moment. And this other pair of fat grey birds that are kinda like pigeons I haven;'t IDed yet. Been debating getting a cheep webcam and setting it up in the window just for a bird cam :D

So. yeah. Nothing too exciting or anything. :) Not ignoring you guys intentionally or anything. You just know how my attention span is. :)

Now watch me forget this for another month. :D
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