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There may be plotting in the works. Involving character death.

Not this month because ahahaha no that would just cause far too much damage, buuut...

This idea is still in proto stages, so any input at all of timing to avoid, methods to avoid, anything that would trigger something not wanted, lemme know now so that they can be avoided early in. Similarly, anything you'd want to get your character to react to with this sorta thing, drop it here.

I still need to come up with an outcome goal for it since there are many possibilities; one being possibly a push towards selfishness, another getting him to stop trusting creepers people of questionable alignment, and poooosibly a strong push to the darkside. Depending. YB parallels are coming up strong and continuing that trend would be fun.

And everyone blame Olesia for this.
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"I echo the sentiments about Bakura. I think you really need to canon review, and possibly read some good fanfiction. I can only think of Scribbler off the top of my head, but honestly, it feels like you've flattened Bakura's character."

... seriously. FANFIC?

14. On Little Cat Feet reviews Ryou Bakura's sister died in a car accident before he moved to Japan, but he still brought her with him, he just didn't realise there was more to his pet cat than met the eye. Just because you don't believe in reincarnation doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

16. Five Ways Amane Bakura Didn’t Leave Her Brother » reviews Amane is a character we know nothing about, other than she was Bakura’s younger sister and died in a car crash along with his mother. But what if, by some strange miracle, things had been different – or at least there was more to them than canon told us?

50. The Voice of the Past That Will Always Be reviews Amane held off the Spirit of the Ring as long as she could. In the end, though, she wasn’t enough, and it hurt even more than making her dad and brother sad by dying. She resolved to stay by Ryou's side anyway. Even big brothers need protecting sometimes.Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: K+ - English - General - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,426 - Reviews: 13 - Published: 3-1-08 - R. Bakura & Yami Bakura - Complete"

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So. Yeah. HMD was a kick to the gut this time, and was all stuff I was afraid of. The confirmation kinda helps, but oh lord, does it just add to the jitters.

And part of me can't help but wonder if he's boring because I'm boring. -_- Granted, it's not like he;'s a dynamic character cause really, this is YGO. Character development is reserved for the antagonists and Bakura gets like.. what, a grand total of maybe 30 pages of actual screentime that's actually, ya know, him. He's a background character who gets put on automatic pilot whenever there's nothing directly affecting him going on.

And guess what I did the past two months when nothing directly affecting him was going on? Yeeeeep, auto pilot! Not even realizing it. -_- Day to day life stuff is boring. All he has done the past month or so has been cook, run the store, pick up after Ben, and play games. Between the hoe shit burn out from the month of insane plots and winterbreak...

Nothing has been going on for Bakura until Saitou's mess and now YB. So he just went totally flat. And I've had no ideas lately either.

Never the mind with what things HAVE been happening, they aren't things he talks to people about. He talked to Alastair about chess with the space pope cause he needed to, but other than that...

I just... need to not post/reply when Bakura's just.. autoing. -_- He's been social, but just... school social.

IDK. Maybe I should just focus on MU for a bit. Since he's new there and I actually now have an idea what he's working through, maybe it'll help me get back on track.

I also spent 12 bucks on 3 used volumes of the translated manga. DK 1, 3, and 5. I have the Japanese version and I can read most of it (with some trouble with bat's MASSIVE WALL OF TEXT in the maze) but just... I know my Japanese innit perfect. I've gotten lazy with it so it's slipping even more. So, translations. And gonna review the manga again. (I had forgotten just how damned much of it is all DUELING TIEM -_-)
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This is just apparently a day for LJ posts. Anyway!

Rp natterings )

So. Yeah. Stuff. @_@ The TV's better, though! There was apparently this insane octopus of wires in the basement that just... oi. Which is why it wouldn't work right. So that's all better and maybe the headdesking stress of that whole mess will all go away now. @_@



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