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Editing has been pushed back another day since Premiere 7 not only snubs 2000, but it and Vista don't get along so well. Attempts to install on Sennet's machine were met with EXPLOSIONS! So, we're going to try and put it on Sennet's laptop today instead since that has XP.

So, 3rd attempt to do the interview with Paula was yesterday. We got there and she said that since the dress rehearsal for the Poe Haunt was that night and she was meeting someone about it in a half hour. I had asked about videoing said dress rehearsal which Paula said was an awesome idea (with Paula, things aren't ever just "good" ideas, they're always amazing and she will squee and gush about them. Paula's so cute <3) So we went over and I taped a walk though of Lisa talking about the production, showing off the set and explaining it all. This took about 45 min. Then we find out the dress rehearsal is at 8. Blerg. Campus dinner tiem! (which was thankfully good cause yeay manicotti (I cannot spell. >< Like stuffed shells only in a tube.)

Since the haunt is basically a literary haunted house, I hand cammed the entire thing. (the run only took about 7 min, but since we were taping, we were the last group to go through) Most of it didn't come out too well due to it being way too dark but the audio should be useable. Felt a little bad that none of the stuff really scared me any. :)

So, since I got SO much footage from this, I'm going to put together a mini video for Lisa about it so she has it for her archive. Oooh was it hard to work in the tight space! I could get the proper zoom on things because of it. So I went with a lot of close ups out of necessity.

I need to at some point either fix my tripod or get a new one. The head of the thing is on a tilt. I had it completely level and the camera itself was still on an angle which was VERY frustrating when trying to set up shots. Gonna see if I can fix that today... Because I remember that that part used to be adjust able so not sure why it's stuck...

[Birds spotted while typing: Robins, pigeon, little small brown one I need to find the name of... Not to self, get bird IDing guide that is NOT missing a wad of pages. >< ]
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Since it was good weather, Sennet and I took a 2-3 hour walk down to the river yesterday, dragging the camcorder and tripod (WITH the foot this time!)

Shooting went well. Will be editing today and hope to have video up by tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I even have a script worked out in my head for the shots I got and ideas of what effects to use in putting it together. <3

Attempted to see how the photo option on the camcorder was but didn't realize you had to be in photo mode to do it. Yeah. Sometimes, I'm not so bright.

And I'm a little miffed at my still camera as it wasn't at all adjusting for brightness so all the stills I took were washed out. ... and I don't know where the exposure wheel on it is. >< I've only had this thing for what, 5 years? So the stills I took are no good. Unless I shop them a bunch, but...

This one's the best of the batch, amusingly enough.

I really need to sort through my photos and update my page of them. Also should play with this and see if it's viable for just the mass amounts of photos I have. Cause heck, KnN has tons of space and all these toys, I may as well use them! :)

But yeah, to give a bit of stats re: my photo collection: The photos folder, minus the ones from dad, is 10.4 gig with 11,385 files in 366 subfolders. Granted, some of those are resizes, but...

Yeah. I need to sort that pile. Big time. :) Maybe I should start doing a photo of the week thing as well, since I'm using this thing again.

The birds have started to come back! I saw a cardinal and a trio of chickadees this morning out my window. With luck later on, video of birdies will be had! <3
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Filming day #2!

Despite the cold and wind (and, ironically mud, despite it being 23f/-5c) Sennet and I took a trek down to the river after having lunch on campus. Having learned my lesson last time, I brought my tripod with me to campus, so I though I was prepared.

Got to the river, found a relatively stable spot, leveled the tripod, got out the camcorder....

and realized the foot of the tripod was still attached to my old camcorder.


So, did some hand held footage again that was not the most stable due to mud and the wind that was cold enough that I put my gloves on and tried using the camcorder that way.

On the editing side, I am one step closer to being set up! I have located a copy of the latest version of Premier! ... however, it wants XP or higher and doesn't recognize WINE has either and my windows distro is 2000Pro. Pooie. So, I get to install it on Sennet's computer and monopolize it when I want to edit until I can get XP on the virtual machine.

So hopefully, will be posting footage by the end of the week!

Relatedly: Still no word on when things are starting up in theater... Lisa's project is running THIS FRIDAY. >< Though I may just use the promo poster for it and not worry. Since it's kinda... I have no idea what's going on with it. :)
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So, upon testing the old camcorder to see if the quality would be good enough for my senior project, I discovered that no, indeed, it was not. As said camcorder was at least 8 years old and digital, it was sadly not surprising.

So, after months of agonizing over getting a new camcorder, combing over pages of reviews and statistics, I finally got one.

Cut for pictures and rambling! )

Video to come once I get the software end working so I can start working with the footage. @_@


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