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Since I've only said I should do this since forever. ^^;;;

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Another post of "oh hey I logged in" whee.

So I am apparently doing that not eating thing again. Where I don't quuuite remember what I ate yesterday in the "I think I just had an apple and some crackers WHOOPS" sort of way. So now I feel like @_@ and want to just sleeeeep.


12 days into the month and Kristen hasn't been here at all and thus, hasn't packed at all. Granted, she didn't really UNpack the entire time she was here so most of her books and DVDs are still in boxes but.. We have no idea when she's moving out. @_@ Or who we're getting in her place when she goes. @_@ But! Sennet is finally making progress on the loan for the year of rent she owes us! *flop*

And I now no longer have a hamster. Panda died sometime yesterday. Sennet buried her in the yard last night.

I don't really feel much regarding her, though. When Shou died, I was a wreck, sobbing my eyes out for hours. He was my first pet, after all. I sniffled when Jumpy died, and I think since then, I've been expecting Panda to join her.

Hamsters really don't make good pets. Panda was I think 2 years old. Shou was 3. It goes by far too quickly. And we didn't play with them much because we were always worried they'd jump out of our hands and hide under the sofa or get lost in the apartment.

I dunno. There's been talk of maybe getting guinea pig [and jokes about the name to give it if it's a squeaky/whiny one. Especially if it's a ginger.] but I dunno. Maybe we're just better off not having a pet for now.

Man. I have got to start eating right. Doesn't do me ANY good to have iron levels if I do this crap to myself. @_@
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That goodness the heat and humidity have BROKEN. Last nights low was 50 degrees~ so happy! I want all of summer to be in the 70!

Finally got more stuff in the garden yesterday with m'Judy's help. It's coming along nicely. Direct seeded the squashes kinda late but that's my own dingusnes. Just emptied out an entire envelope of self-saved seeds into the bed. We'll see what comes up. Finally got that onion set in as well. @_@ They may be dead by now but we'll see. Still have half a garden plot. May just start doing pet pots of various old seed packets and see what comes up since the packet of asters I used hasn't done a thing yet. Def. need to remember next year: Peat pots for everything I'm gonna transplant. I buggered the roots for the tomatoes so baaad getting them out of the cell packs! But they seem to be doing all right...

Need to get a lot of weeding by the strawberries done. Hoeing the rest of the beds three times and letting them sit to get the weed seed out seems to have done rather well. Third hoeing only had a few things to get out.

The bruise from the last IV is slooowly going away finally. Can't tell if my energy level is any better cause lol, summer, wut. Plus waking up to construction between the house down the road being knocked down and now they're ripping up the sidewalk and doing pipework or something IDK. But it's still kinda nrrrg. But hey, I still slept in til 9:30, novelty :D

Anyone out there doing SolarFest this year?


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