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It's very strange to have your characters show up in your dream, older than they were when you created them.

Nyaka was a teenager [and standing still. It was WEIRD], as was Kim. Kim was writing his diary for him cause, well, it innit like Nyaka would do it himself. :) Her handwriting was very neat too. Apparenly there was some love mess where someone had thought they had had a crush on him, and they had been a pair for like.. a day before this person realized they really had a crush on someone else and went to be with them. Nyaka was rather upset. [Apparently Kim hadn't told him that she loved him yet.]

So, as I'm reading this diary, he's standing there, sort of leaning on the bench that was in the room and looked at me and went "So, are you going to continue my story?" I said I would [I think I nodded] and he nodded and walked away.

It's very rare when I have words in my dream. Even more rare when I can remember them.

Then there was randomly something with Kaiser Ryou. I was checking around for diaries of characters. Most of them were empty [cause they were those half book, half day planner ones sorta.] There was also a calander with photos of random characters and while I was looking at that, Kaizer Ryou came down these stairs [with someone else behind him I didn't recognize] and went to call out to me [or rather my character, I was a guy at the time and sorta seeing in 3rd person, unlike with Nyaka] but stopped, hesitating. Then I saw him and called him over and gave him a large hug.

But see, I don't WRITE Kaizer Ryou... so it has me confused and wondering if he was a stand in for someone or just symbolising Yuugiou in general? I dunno.

And there was more to this before hand too. Something about the bookshelf being sold which was why I was collecting the diaries and what not.

So... I think my subconcious just kinda went 'Dude. WRITE SOMETHING' at me. ^^; Specialy orginal stuff again.

It's just going to be weird cause in Damocles, Nyaka's still 10ish. But he had aged to how he'd be if he had continued growing up since his creation. Very weird...
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No, not a real person. For those o you who's been subjected to Damocles [ <--- fear the unupdated ness. I need to like.. trash and redo that site. And trash and redo the story too. Hrm.] may or may not be saddened to know that Nav's being made past tence in it. [Xella? Do you even have this URL? :D]

The roadtrip is nolonger going to be, but the USS Shut Your Yap will still exist. :)

Kinda debating nuking Kosei as well.. I doubt anyone'll miss her though. :D Nav had scary fans. ... well. *A* scary fan.

So yeah. Damocles may live again!

... and maybe it'll get a better name. ^^;
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"Planning on telling your twin that he's the shadow?" Gijs asked in amusement.

"God, no." Shin grimiced. "Like I want him to start with 'I am the darkness' or pretending he's a charcter from a radio show. He's bad enough
already because of Alais."


We should come up with a loose excuse for a plot and toss a bunch of characters in a room or something. I should like... start some of the RPG ideas on Twitless.. T_T


More amusing out of context ness:

"Yuugi-kun... Pegasus-san isn't planning anything," Bakura assured. "He's not like that anymore. I know, I live with him and he's a horrible lier."

It amuses me anyway. :D


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