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Sometimes I think I pick up too much from others around me emotion wise.

I was fine when I got home, went and checked a few things...

And now, for no reason of my own, I'm having background anxiety. Seriously, this came out of nowhere and I can't place it. There was a bunch of anxiety on my friends list, which is the only thing I can even think of that might have triggered it.

I don't get it. O.o

It's not even RP related since I was fine when checking things there. O.o

Just... out of freaking nowhere, a random small spike of anxiety/depression. And a feeling like I need a nap.


I think I may need to eat.
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So I just realized that with how my hair is cut, it almost matches my icon. :D

Now I just need to drop 100 lbs and I can totally look like my Duel Monsters doppleganger :D

Slightly alarming realization: According to this calorie counter thinigi, it takes 2,426 calories to maintain my weight. Today, I pigged out and had 3 slices of pizza. And I still just baaaaarely made 2,000 cal. And if that's on a piggy day, I'm almost afraid of what my cal intake is on a normal "whoops, I forgot to eat lunch" day. Especially when I have been steadily gaining weight when I used to be stable. (I've gained 35 lbs in the last two years after holding at 220 for years and slowly moving down to 210. And then busting my knee.) So. Gonna track my cal intake for a while and then go to the doctor's with a "Yeah, I though I was gaining cause I was eating like crap but... numbers."

I seriously need to trade this body in for a better working model. I am too young for this, seriously. Thank goodness for insurance! @_@
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That goodness the heat and humidity have BROKEN. Last nights low was 50 degrees~ so happy! I want all of summer to be in the 70!

Finally got more stuff in the garden yesterday with m'Judy's help. It's coming along nicely. Direct seeded the squashes kinda late but that's my own dingusnes. Just emptied out an entire envelope of self-saved seeds into the bed. We'll see what comes up. Finally got that onion set in as well. @_@ They may be dead by now but we'll see. Still have half a garden plot. May just start doing pet pots of various old seed packets and see what comes up since the packet of asters I used hasn't done a thing yet. Def. need to remember next year: Peat pots for everything I'm gonna transplant. I buggered the roots for the tomatoes so baaad getting them out of the cell packs! But they seem to be doing all right...

Need to get a lot of weeding by the strawberries done. Hoeing the rest of the beds three times and letting them sit to get the weed seed out seems to have done rather well. Third hoeing only had a few things to get out.

The bruise from the last IV is slooowly going away finally. Can't tell if my energy level is any better cause lol, summer, wut. Plus waking up to construction between the house down the road being knocked down and now they're ripping up the sidewalk and doing pipework or something IDK. But it's still kinda nrrrg. But hey, I still slept in til 9:30, novelty :D

Anyone out there doing SolarFest this year?
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Oh hey, I have this thing. *derp*

[[General note to people: Stalking o the Frannen is currently best done via Twitter [same account name as here] or Facebook. As per usual I have gotten back into the habit of only being logged in on my main RP account. ^^;;;; I fail at personal LJ yet again]]

So, general update stuff! Work is going awesome: Sue is putting in a proposal for me to get an extra 5 hours a week to do stats stuff [aaaaaw yeaaaaah] and I wound up putting in 45 min over this week cause I was all stats processing like the nerd I am and making graphs and charts and stuff. Jess wants me to teach Anne how to do the Progress Report charts like I did when I was working for her instead [Anne's take: "pppph no, not happening"] and Sarah must have told me like 5 times yesterday how awesome it was that I could do all this stuff. I AM THE DATA QUEEN OF THE EST TEAM~! [well redundant but hey, noone not in it knows what EST stands for lol]

Finally got my courage together and am going for the IV iron. @_@ Had the first session this week. 2.5 hooours in a rooom full of people over 60 getting transfusions and kemo and oh god my life *sobs* I always feel so awkward when I have to do medical things. When I went to see the immune system specialist, I was the only patient under 60 I ever saw. At the endocrinologist, same basic deal. And now at the blood doctor's. Maybe it's just because I only work mornings so I'm there when most people my age are in 9-5s buuut...

But yeah. First IV went off fine. Sennet and I watched crap on the Ipod and I made fun o Sennet for being more squeamish than I was. :) Was assured the 2nd and 3rd sessions would only take an hour since they had to do the trial run the first time.

Had to restart the seedlings for the garden, so they're getting a late start, but really, with this weather? It was 45 yesterday morning, no good for tomatoes. and hopefully since starting the IVs I can actually, ya know, get some work done in the garden m;self instead of being all "Senneeeeet do this!" Need to get some mulch cause lol, too lazy to weed ^^;; And just using cut grass is working fine, but doesn't cover enough.

We have an neighbor in the other apartment now. Don't really see her much and when we do, she's got a gazillion people over @_@. So much for the "Don't want to rent to college kids" thing Jim had going... She also has a dog so also lol ditto on the no pets thing. Oh Jim. @_@

I finally got a birdfeeder and have been happily bird watching from my desk. There's this pair of fat-ass blue jays who hang out now, seen some cardinals, sparrows and chickadees, there was a pair of nuthatches today for the first time which was an "ooooh" moment. And this other pair of fat grey birds that are kinda like pigeons I haven;'t IDed yet. Been debating getting a cheep webcam and setting it up in the window just for a bird cam :D

So. yeah. Nothing too exciting or anything. :) Not ignoring you guys intentionally or anything. You just know how my attention span is. :)

Now watch me forget this for another month. :D
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So who here remembers how badly anemic I was back over summer?

Just came back form the doctor's and guess what?


Now a shit-ton of tests to figure out WHY cause the original cause of it is not there any longer.
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So after getting a gazillion tests done...

Nothing is wrong.

My blood sugar is fine, my cholesterol is golden, my cortazal (no, I have idea how to spell it) levels are all good, everything they tested for is perfectly on level. Testing for Polysystic ovarian whatnot came back negative

So, in short, no one has any idea why in hell that mess over summer happened. The endocrinologist basically said "Welp. If it does it again, we'll run new tests while it's going on, but other than that.. you're good to go!"

So whee, no problems, but still scratching my head going "well WTF was that then?"

In other news:

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These were taken a few hours ago when we went out for round one of shoveling.

It's been snowing steadily since then.


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