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ON A WHIM I went "oh hey, there should be more Shiki out." And low and behold, there was!

The last 3 eps.

Which I started watching

At midnight.

It's 2am.

I am still flailing.


... freaking anime. *shakes fist*

..and yeah, I still totally recommend it. WTF was that even.

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Planties update: We think the mystery not bean may be a gourd! Shaped like a butternut but not at all a butternut and FUZZY oh god it's fuzzy and so soft~

My work printer apparently was hungry. It ate part of itself. One of the belts that moves the paper along is just kinda hanging out, not attached to anything any more. *had toner nailpolish for a little while*

Actually had a nightmare last night. One that I physically broke out of (and nearly smacked Juchan upside the head doing so @_@.) Haven't had one of those in a long while. Purely physical based too. Was in a car and the person driving decided to just start driving around in a circle and turn the ride into a centrifuge even with me screaming for them to stop. They finally did for like.. 15 seconds. Then the went to start again. So I went to hit them and then I was awake. It made for a weird morning @_@

And I won something! free dvd aw yeah! Looks like a neat movie. Will watch at some point~

I have started working on knitting again! Current project: Crazy blankets! Using up started skeins and leftover bits, making rectangles with intent to sew em together. One's gonna be all roughly the same type of yarn, one is just gonna be LOTS OF RANDOM THINGS WHEEE.

Anxiety is yet again spiking, which is a problem. Taking steps to try and ease one of the causes, well see if it helps.

and it needs to stop being so hoooot so I can exercise more with out meeeeltttiing T_T

part 2!

Aug. 8th, 2010 10:42 am
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Natsume Yuujinchou: Who has seen it? I FINALLY resumed watching it this week [only been on my harddrive for 2 years, that's not that long, right? phhht] and oh god this show is so fluffy and brings a smiles to my face. It's like Mushishi lite. So nice. And it has a sequel now. [Have gotten that, we'll see how long it takes me to watch THAT] Still not licensed else I'd probably go get the discs.

I founds some cutesy hair clips for my now oh so short hair (which looks better) that are all rainbowy and I (finally) replaced the string for my hat with a rainbow of ribbon [50 cents a spool and buy one get one aw yeah] so I am even MOAR COLOURFUL.

The garden is looking real nice. (I should photo to show off) The beans are just climbing over EVERYTHING, the tomatoes have a good amount of little green tomatoes on em. Corn and squash are a bit slow, but I planted them late. Onions are being hugged by the beans (or rather, one very very active bean plant. Next year if I use those seeds again I need to trellis them.) Got permission to dig up the weed bed and plant stuff, too. I AM ALREADY PLANNING NEXT YEARS GARDEN. WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE THE URGE TO PLANT STUFF IN THE WRONG SEASON. Finally found some place with more of the chickenwire I wanted for the fencing, gonna get that all set up later. Probably tomorrow. We'll see.

So Kristen finally is admitting that the hedgekeeper is her boyfriend. Aaaand after not being home more than 5 hours in 3 weeks, she's moving out. So awkward as we try and find a new forth. @_@ Though really, I have no idea WHEN she's moving out since she said she was, gave me her part of the month's rent.... and then vanished into the sunset with her boyfriend. Maybe they have to get his place ready for all her stuff first IDK. Whatever. Heck, depending how much a storage place costs her, maybe she's planning on just stoeing it all here, who knows!

... and I am yawning a bunch despite being hyper. Oh lord today's gonna be interesting. *flutters off*
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Almost the inverse of Fate Stay Nigth which looked cool but turned out to be kinda pathetic cliches, Majikano is continuing to be an amusing batch of cliches. Still not taking itself seriously at all. Student Coucil President chick (Yuri) [who I rather like. :)] is now a regular part of the gang. Maika [the obsessed with her brother sister] is still annoying and looks to be 90% of what's keeping main character boy from being cute with Yuri and having a normal life.

So far, Haruo doesn't seem intrested in any of em. :D I don't think he's hit puberty yet. *giggles* Sadly, judging by the opening, he'll probally wind up with Ayumi (bitch chick) because for some reason, the chick who is just using and manipulating you and such always is the one you fall in love with, right? Bah. Who knows, maybe he'll redeam her. Not likely, but hey.

But yeah, crack filled amusment, continueing on a steady pace. :)

Dropped Amaenaideyo from my download list. The over done fanserivice sorta killed it.

The last Jigoku Shoujo ep was kinda a sleeper, but it showed that they are continueing with Hajime and.. and what's her name. Huzzah for recurring characters! Hopefuly this will breathe life into the show because the episodic format was killing it bad.

Oh yeah, and new icon :D
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Fansub at:

Very nicely done. Nice art. Good story. Very human. A little confusing but it wraps up nicely and explains everything at the end. Includes subtle social comentry of the environmental sort.
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Kashimashi, Girl meets Girl

This has the most bizzare reason for gender bending that I have ever seen.

So, starts off, you have Hazumu, who is this cute femme guy who's in the garden club goes and confesses his love for Yasuna, but is turned down with an 'I'm sorry' so Hazumu goes off to the moutains to try and forget it all (having flashbacks all the way) while his friends are looking for him. Pretty obvious from the start, even not knowing anything or reading the anime name or summery, that the reason he was turned down was that Yasuna likes girls, not boys. So, anyway. Meanwhile, you have this space ship [yes, spaceship] that is crashing into the Earth. (funny segement with american sounding VAs here.) Hazumu goes 'Oo, shooting star!' and prays for it to make him more of a man (and to help the flowers be beautiful) Notices the shooting star is coming RIGHT at him and panics. Space ship seems to... softly colide with him. This somehow manges to fix the ship. The aliens do a 'Sorry about that, we;ll fix you right up now' and become visable and pop up screens accouncing to teh world what happened, appologizing, and saying that in complience with the interplantary treaty that they fixed Hazumu up right, but only now he's a girl. Yasuna goes all blush at this. Hazumu gets beemed down, Yasuna and Hazumu's bestfriend chick whom I forget the name of, rush to the beam to catch nakkid girl!Hazumu (who now has eyes. He didn't before. :D). Chick has a WTF at the boobs?! Hazumu wakes up, and goes 'Hey guys. Something happen?'

Dispite the aliens, this looks to be cute. Considering that Hazumu was the girliest boy ever, I don't think the sex change will do him any harm and now he should beable to get with the chick he likes, if his best friend doesn't sort herself out first. :) Love triangle is very evident here. Definatly worth a download.

Art is good, character designs are good, character personalities are good. No complaints.
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Harem flavour, heavy with the crack.

Basicly plot seems to be this chick from a uber magical family winds up gettting cursed in a way that only main character boy can break. Trouble is, since main character boy's sisters, who are also magical girls, own his ass and have decided since he seemed 'useless' at magic, that they'd let him live a "normal" life. THis means his sisters regularly wipe bits of his memories that have anything to do with them doing magic. Chick needs dude to "become a man" so he can break the curse so chick becomes a made in the house to try and acheive that anyway possible while the sisters fight to keep him clueless. Hijinks ensue.

Similar crack levels to Animal Yokocho. Sister #1 is the standard 'OMG MY BOYFRIEND Ahahaha I mean.. erm..' harem girl. Over protective of her brother in that way of 'Since I can't have him noone can' over running his life ectect. She also is a standard 'perfect wife' wanna be. Sister #2 is the tomboy. Sister #3 (the youngest) <3's money. Chick is Lina Inverse pretending to be the pure and innocent harem girl. Dude is just... generic clueless middleschool age male who's a bit of a wimp but has honour and all that. Prides himself on his perfect attendance. Borring sort.

It's actualy pretty amusing. Worth a watch. Not sure if'll be worth a keep or not as it's just the first ep. Doesn't look like it'll be too plot heavy.
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Crack. Pure and simple Mahou no Shoujo CRACK. :)

Two little witches, Chocolat and Vanilla, are sent to the Human World in a competition that will decide which one of them will become the next Queen of the Magical World! But to compete, they have to get the boys in their school to like them so they can change their hearts into crystals. Seems simple, right? But with Chocolat's abusive personality, and Vanilla shyness, just getting through the day without something going wrong might be a challenge... Throw in some useless magical familiars, a classfull of characters, a mysterious upperclassman named "Pierre", and you have Sugar Sugar Rune!"

Sums it up kinda well. :)

Vanilla is a female Shimon almost, little, cute, near painfuly shy. Chocolat is like.. a cross between Lina Inverse and Anzu. Or maybe more just Anzu with magic and a real strong uge to summon dogs of hell to beat up the boys.

And, to top it off, Kaiba's VA is playing a rock start ecentric named Rockin' Lovin' Yes, that is his name. We can only hope it's a stage name, but as the main duo are Chocolat and Vanilla... :D <-- place to get it via BT <-- to DL player that actualy works since it's in mp4 format.
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... wow... That was... the most nonsencial, poorly thought out peice of WTF crap ever.


They have the tech to play musical 'I KILLZ YOU WITH LALALALA~!' but they can't rebuild the city that somehow magicaly fell to ruin when the teenagers rebelled agaist the adults and split away from the rest of Japan?

W. T. F?

Seriously. Battle of the Bands EXTREEEEME version. The only good part was the remix of Toccata and Fuge.
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If you like Mononoke, you'll probally like this. It has the feel of a series of short movies then of a TV show. :) Very nice. Has a nice tradtional, mysticalish feel.
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Wow, that really...

I hate when they don't bother showing you the aftermath of large explosions.

And WTF with that preview? 4 eps in and we're into fillar? Oi.

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This one's fun. :) Dork Boi cracks me up bad. :) Chick is still reminding me of Baku in that RPG way. She goes sparkly at family stuffs and is very 'I'll help!' and manages to do so with minimal misshaps, which is nice.

It's got at least 2 VA points. Hazuki from Tsukiyoumi and I'm pretty sure I heard Sayako.

Good characters, good world build, decent day by day plot and enough 'Wait, what?' factor to keep it intresting. Worth a look. [Would sugest you at least watch til ep 3 to pass judgement. :)]
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This really doesn't have a harem anime feel at all, it's kinda nice. :) Dude still is still getting owned by all the girls and the main couple seems the only real crushing going on. Looots of fanservice though :D

Ghostly video arcade. :D
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Cluster Edge is definatly a repeate download. The Shimon look alike is FLUFFY. :D Seriously, Shimon has a twin brother :D

And the Kaiba-ish one is very cool as well, as is mr happy go lucky fix it boy. Not sure what the over all plot is yet, but the day to day plot is enjoyable. It's like... the adventures of mirical fix-it boy :)
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Ya know my previous bitching about lack of fluffy endings?


If you like Mahou no Shoujo, seriously, Download this. It is le squeeeee. :D Fluff and plot and <3


[and cute chibis and a ferret who is also a cute chibi. :D]
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Cute and fluffy. :) Very CCS like. Very standard Mahou no Shoujo so far. Gets 2 VA points. 2 cuteness points for Yuuno-kun alone [He's cute in human AND ferret mode. :D]

Summery: 5th grade girl finds a beat-up ferret on her way to cram school [Cramschool in 5th grade? Whaa! @_@] Ferret is a guy from a magic based world who was an archologist who found this Jewel Seed thing [Think Shikon no tama shards. ^^;] and due to an accident, 13 or so of em made their way over to Nahona [said 5thgrader]'s world. Yuuno-kun [the ferret] calls Nanoha psychily to come to his rescue at the vet where a boogamonster with a seed is on a rampage and asks her to lend him her strength and for her to use this redball-gem thingi to go all Mahou no Shoujo. She's in a bit of a 'Aaaa! Monster! WTF! AAAH!' mode so when he tells her to think and create her gear, it comes outstandard mahou no shoujo school uniform like [only with a long skirt cause her school uses long skirts] and a wand thingi kinda like Sakura's. Magical incantaions, yadayada, next ep, monster goes poofed. Next day, another jewelseed monster pops up and posesses a puppy and Nanoha and Yuuno-kun run off to do battle. SHe can't remember the magic words [the "password"] but that's okay, cause the jewel thingi remembers her and does it automaticly. :D The automatic piolet on her magic is fun. :D robotic english voice. :D

Fun randomness. I DLed the entire thing in a go cause the sequal was getting good reviews. It seems very enjoyable. :)
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Seeing 'Gainex' in the credits did not suprise.. -_-

In a word? Random. Very, very random.

It's sorta like.. Take the random clueless hyper sterotypical Shounen anime main chara, age him a bit and send him off to college in a sterotypical dorm o brokeness. Dude is a spazoid who seems to like getting everyone in trouble, charging alot of money for random things and generaly being that sterotypical jerkoff in college who gets by on luck and looks whom you can't recall why on earth you're friends with.

Enter chick who's 18 but looks 12. Spaz's roomate who's a freshman uke goes <3 over here while Spaz decides she's one o those sprite sorts that hide under leaves from Ainu legend [name escapes me]

Not sure if I'll get more of it... It's... like Karekano only college and no sheep.
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Just breif ones today:

Cluster Edge: Reminds a bit of Gundam Wing. Pretty boys who go to this specical top notch school and some war that suposidly ended but hasn't really. Main Character Boi is one of those very upbeat types and apparently has some glowy thnig he does that when used protected him and this other boy from being killed. Looks intresting. Setting issort of 20s-30sish in look. (old style trains and flowered hats) No clue onmain plot yet. Will be DLing the next ep.

Blood + : Vampire anime. Chick who doesn't remember anything from before a year ago, demonic critters who drink blood, a pretty looking dude who's probally a vampire who plays the cello [why is there no H in that word? ><] Twas mostly just set up with the A plot kicking in right before the credits. :) Intresting stuff. Art style reminds me o the Esca movie. Will be DLing the 2nd ep.

Probally will give better summeries/blurbs after watch the 2nd eps o both of these.


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