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Went to take a photo of something to send Sennet and my cell phone went "oh noes, full memory card!" Take out the card, stick it in the computer and oh wow, nearly 300 photos on that card taken from March of last year. Looking through that stack showed an interesting slide show of the last year: Photos taken from inside restaurants, yard sale finds, my brother's birthday pie fight, the inside of Judy's parents basement, Passover, showing off odd things found in stores, Shakespeare on Main street, projects in process, food being cooked, the ruins of the back yard, the guinea pigs, parking lots, "We were here" photos, shots from the inside of a moving car, relatives, family gatherings...

Cameras themselves are amazing things. A press of a button and you have a record of a moment in time that would have otherwise passed in a moment.

Digital cameras were the next step: Film was suddenly reusable and insanely cheep. One memory card could hold hundreds of photos.

Cell phone cameras meant that you always had a camera with you. With multi media texting, you could send a photo instantly to someone far away.

The ability to visual record and remember your world and share it with others, available to everyone...

It's just kind amazing.
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Some things are just bad combinations.

Like sleep deprivation and new appliances, fire and expensive antiques, college students and free beer night.

And anxiety and hyperactivity.


At least now that I'm HOME I CAN be a twitching mass of arg arg arg arg arg arg flailing running about lemme make popcorn no I don't know why my stomach feels like that HEY DID YOU SEE MY TWEET STORM ABOUT RED DYE 40 HAVE I MENTIONED MY ATTENTION SPAN DIED AT ABOUT 9:30 HOW ABOUT THAT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA so the anxiety part is going down a little. And that whole "why ye I did wear a Transformers T-shirt to work today I WAS BEING WITTY because lol favorite team day shut up I don't care that it was sports teams I DON'T KNOW SPORTS" thing and oh god I am not making any sense.

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Things Frannen really likes: 5th Element

For those of you who haven't seen this movie, go watch that clip. Seriously. That clip sums up very well everything I love about this freaking movie. Yes, it's a bit slow til about the 3:20 mark, but it's worth it.

This movie has a pretty predictable plot but really... a plot does not make a movie. And that's a separate rant.

Anyway. This movie has amazing art to it. The cuts between scenes are freaking excellent, weaving together three conversations into one seamlessly. The choreography is great, the sync with the background music is perfect, the characters are pretty well done and hey, the future is actually believable.

I had this whole big thing in the car but I think I just... suck at typing these things out so will leave it at this.

...except to OMG again about how they do the scene splicing. Fucking love that. Done so well.
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So I'm thinking maybe next year for New Years, maybe I aught to, ya know, do something.

New Years stopped feeling any different once staying up past midnight started being an everyday thing. I mean, even then it was just me and my brother staying up all night watching Marx brothers' movies or something.

I dunno. Just me and my lack of a handle on this whole time thing makes New Years just... well. Another day.

Yeah, IDK. Holidays yet again this year just kinda sailed on by without me having a clue. I need a life.
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... and the instant I start typing that "Coming home to Terra" plays in all it's cheesy glory. Thank you computer, I missed you too.

So. Yeah. Got up at 6 am again today. Was antsy as hell for an hour before looking at the weather map and going "aw HELL NO I am not being snowed in at the In laws for 2 days." Judy and I got packing, woke the in laws, stuffed the car and got the hell out by like... 8-9ish.

So yeah. Me and my head cold self powered through the 4-5 hour drive and got the hell home. Only saw flurries.

It's snowing in NYC right now.


Because I'd rather ride out the rest of this miserable ass cold at home that with either set of parents.

But yeah. Other than being sick as hell, Xmas was decent. Would have been better if I could breeeeeth and thus sleeeeeeeeeeeep but hey, details. :D

We got a GPS (Judy has named it GLADOS because it kept trying to tell us to go a different way than we wanted to on the way home :D) which was a cool toy. Dad made faces at the guinea pigs, but everyone else loved em. (Well, Judy's dad was all "...." but whatever, daddies are daddies. :))

Fever is gone, YEAY and I am HOME so yeah.

It can snow now. :D

At random

Dec. 22nd, 2010 10:12 am
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I totally love when things that aren't really Xmasy get grouped into Xmas clearance. Got a nice pack of ink pads that goes from blue to white on clearance because it was lumped that way.

I also got the DERPEST set of Xmas stamps for 4 bucks. Totally worth it.

So the transfer of Fran-web to KnN has occurred and everything seems to be working. Though I just realized last night that 99% of my Fran-web email was now going into my spam box because I had it set on an automatic redirect and GMail was all "SMELLS OF PROCESSED MEAT" AAAAAH as result, I missed the reminder notice for my charge bill and wound up paying it late last night. When it was due yesterday. Reeeeally hoping that it counts as being close enough to on time that I won't get whammed with a fee @_@ Need to transition to having everything go to Gmail anyway @_@

Almost have all the cards promised out! Just... have 3 sitting there waiting. Just need to finish the envelope on one set and, ya know, actually write something in them (WHOOPS) and then finish up the last one. I have the face of it done!

Sue gushed when she saw the card I made her and said I should sell them. Yeeeah with my lack of motivation? Phhht. But it was nice that she liked it. :) We also got each other more or less the same gift :D Hot cocoa and chocolate :D

So. Yeah. Pointless update is pointless as always! :)
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Next step on merging KnN and Fran-web taken. the Fran-web domain is being moved to KnN's host. Once it's there, I can start figuring out just what in the heck I WANT under Fran-web to actually go up. Next month, can the hosting Fran-web used to be on, which will save me 120 bucks a year. Hell, transferring the domain itself is gonna save me a wad since it's on an ABUSIVE registrar that charged me freaking 45 bucks to renew last year. For serious. Most places charge under 20. Fuck that noise.

So. Yeah. Not even sure what I'm DOING with my webspace anymore. KnN sits there and will for as long as I have it cause that's the only thing people visit on there. I keep meaning to do more with my photos but... I dunno no motivation to actually put together a page or anything. I may just play with the gallery software.

Mostly, what my space gets used for is a space dump online. The temp DIR is huuuuge.

But yeah. If it weren't for KnN, I'd probably just can the whole deal. I dunno.

Kinda ironic. I always tell myself not to make decisions when I'm in a state, and it's when I am in a state that things finally start moving. Though to be fair, this had 99% external triggers. [finding out the billing info for FW was buggered leading to a "oh FFS" and starting the ball rolling.

God I'm a procrastinator @_@
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It's kinda weird. Within the year I've gotten a few CDs from bands I used to listen to all the time. Got the latest Depeche Mode album and just....

didn't like it.

Listened to it once and then stuck it on the shelf. It was both at the same time, different than their earlier stuff, yet totally the same as their last album I got. Only I liked the last album (which I only just finally got the non-live version of the album of. ... I like the live one better. The studio cuts just... kinda... suck.) This one just... it didn't have any of the parts I liked and seemed to develop the parts I didn't. It was like the 5Ds of Depeche Mode. [god what a sentance :D] Disappointing, but whatever.

So then I also got the latest Tori Amos album. [or at least I think it's the latest, I haven't kept up with music at ALL] and after having it sit around for a month, mp3ed it and mixed it into the rotation.

And so far everything on it sounds exactly like her previous stuff. And I'm just as meh about it as I was about the DM album.

Also picked up a Metalica album I used to have in middle school and gave it a listen. And wow, this... kinda sucks. I used to really like this album and I'm just sitting here going "... there's nothing to this. What the hell, self."

Starting to wonder if I'm turning into one of those "NOTHING NEW" sorta people. @_@ Only not cause I'm still picking up soundtrack stuff, Jpop and mashups. I've actually gotten real fond of mashups between current pop and 80s stuff. And also leaning more towards dance/techno and some more mainstream pop. [At least I think it's mainstream, I haven't listened to the radio in ages, fuckall if I know what's popular. @_@]

I dunno. I used to pride myself on the fact that I liked different things than everyone else. But really...

I think I just like popular music.

Somehow it feels like admitting that is almost shameful or something. I dunno.

Yet at the same time, I'm very slow to introduce new music into my rotations.

Is this what it feels like to be hitting adulthood proper? Resistant to change, yet kinda cranky with the old stuff?

Sometimes I just look back at stuff I used to do and like and wonder why I stopped. Other times I wonder why I started.

I'm starting with the crafting thing again. The urge for making videos is still kinda there but keeps being sat on by things on the computer exploding ><. The theater bug is kinda... floating. (I blame my crap motivation for that)

I think this is why I'm not gonna do the grad school thing, and why I'm perfectly happy to stay at the job I'm at. I don't want to try going for a career kinda job where you are actually in a field or whatever. I'm in a job with a decent pay per hour, a great boss, and where I get to fiddle around with numbers and organize things. [something that's just been getting stronger the more I get to indulge in it. Though it's getting more refined to "oooh, I wanna see how..." dunno how much more C&C stats I'll e doing just because.. eh. I proved my point there. Research to be done is in another area, really. And doesn't require time stamping. SIDE RAMBLE]

It's like how I always was swapping majors. Floating interest. Like how the environmental thing is just... total back burner. Tired of reading labels, tired of not doing things because their wasteful. I think that's a lot of why I stopped crafting. But fuck it, making things is FUN. Doubt I'll go back to candling cause god that made a mess and then the candles just stat around, but I'm really enjoying playing around with stamps and now that I've realized "Oh hey! I can make cards for people! SWEET." it's really taking off. I think that was part of why it never went anywhere past hording stamps last time I was into this stuff [like, oh god, middle school? Mail order catalog and ordering a stamp with my full name, it HAD to be. (wonder if I still have those somewhere. AAAH NESTED PARENTHESES)]

So. Yeah. I think I lost my point in there somewhere. @_@

Maybe I should try and track down the music suggestions from people and actually... ya know.. follow up on them. ^^;;;;; Stop trying to pick up new stuff from old bands I liked and just acknowledge that I don't listen to them any longer.

Not getting rid of any of my cds because phhht, every time I do that, 2 years later I'm all "Dude, why did I get rid of that? T_T"

Oh yeah: First CD I ever got was Ace of Base - The Sign.

And I kind wish I still had it.


*Feels better and finally ends this ramble*

Edit: Also. I need to do more with my photos. Even if it's just going through the old ones and uploading them somewhere if not taking more. STOP BEING SO LAZY, SELF.
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Sometimes I think I pick up too much from others around me emotion wise.

I was fine when I got home, went and checked a few things...

And now, for no reason of my own, I'm having background anxiety. Seriously, this came out of nowhere and I can't place it. There was a bunch of anxiety on my friends list, which is the only thing I can even think of that might have triggered it.

I don't get it. O.o

It's not even RP related since I was fine when checking things there. O.o

Just... out of freaking nowhere, a random small spike of anxiety/depression. And a feeling like I need a nap.


I think I may need to eat.
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*looks at meme prompt list*



So today was fun :D I lost track of time at work and wound up being there til 12:30 (wheee) and OH GOD GOT SO MUCH DONE @_@ but dear lord I wish these students would just... stay put. Someone went to Stafford, but then came back but then went back just in a different track... THERE HAVE BEEN NINE DAYS OF SCHOOL AND YOU HAVE BOUNCED TWICE?! GAAH. And then there;'s the scramblign of I have no idea when the person at Stafford scheduled these but now this person isn't on EST any longer and this person is over here and oh man STAY PUT.

But yeah. Realized that oh wait, with Monday of and Tuesday being a loss during head cold, ACK BACK UP OF TIME PENDING STUFF. BUT! I got almost all of it done! And I pumped out the attendance report in 10 minutes (including highlighting the printout and delivering it aw yeah) and instead of maintaining this list of like.. 50+ students to monitor the progress of, I can just run the "find all students in danger of failing!" query and go by that. TIME SAVED YES!

My extra 5 hours starts this week but I have nooo idea if I'll get them all in with the 4 day week and 1 super short day but WE SHALL SEE.

And minus the small anxiety slump of "oh god I have so many tasks right now" work was pretty awesome. I really prefer the days where I'm so busy that I'm FLYING because I can get it all done and don't have time to get bored. :D Even if some of the start of year stuff is kinda stressfull cause processes aren't set up yet so it's all "ARG" of doing things like merging three styles of EST plans to create one that's a lot like to state example but has more things on it. The fact that I just blitzed til 12:30 when ona normal day I get ot about 10:30 and start eyeing the clock... yeah. :)
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So. Yeah. There's that 30 questions meme thing. Optimistic considering my posting derpitide, but here we go. :D

Day 01 - Introduce yourself

Hi! I'm Fran!


oh wait I have to actually do more than that don't I? Erm..

List of these things that I will no doubt forget very quickly )
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Guess who's being theater monkey again? :D

Gary's putting on a Poe thingi and asked if either me or Juchan wanted to stage manage. We both went to the first and Judy started taking all the notes cause she's better at that so she'll be doing the stage managing proper and I, as is my usual, will be the glue of things and archivist. So expect to see photos and possibly a video in a month or two :D
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Planties update: We think the mystery not bean may be a gourd! Shaped like a butternut but not at all a butternut and FUZZY oh god it's fuzzy and so soft~

My work printer apparently was hungry. It ate part of itself. One of the belts that moves the paper along is just kinda hanging out, not attached to anything any more. *had toner nailpolish for a little while*

Actually had a nightmare last night. One that I physically broke out of (and nearly smacked Juchan upside the head doing so @_@.) Haven't had one of those in a long while. Purely physical based too. Was in a car and the person driving decided to just start driving around in a circle and turn the ride into a centrifuge even with me screaming for them to stop. They finally did for like.. 15 seconds. Then the went to start again. So I went to hit them and then I was awake. It made for a weird morning @_@

And I won something! free dvd aw yeah! Looks like a neat movie. Will watch at some point~

I have started working on knitting again! Current project: Crazy blankets! Using up started skeins and leftover bits, making rectangles with intent to sew em together. One's gonna be all roughly the same type of yarn, one is just gonna be LOTS OF RANDOM THINGS WHEEE.

Anxiety is yet again spiking, which is a problem. Taking steps to try and ease one of the causes, well see if it helps.

and it needs to stop being so hoooot so I can exercise more with out meeeeltttiing T_T
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The question! "What, if anything, would you guys say I'm passionate about/nerdy over/really into?"

The answers!

"Spreadsheets! :D"

Statistics, definitely a nerdy interest. :) Also a running joke from that context. :) The fact that I am itching to get back to work so I can get into the data and work it into a easily digested form? Yeah, this one is a check.

"Vegetable gardening~"

Almost! Granted, my garden this year is mostly veggies, that was mostly just out of what got put in. Really, gardening in general is a big hobby. I don't care if I get veggies or anything outta it, the leaves and flowers of squash I glee over. If I get something off the plant? Hey bonus!

"Roleplay, but that's cause that's really the main context I've seen you anyway. XD;;"

Ah, context friendship :D Actually, I don't think I'm at all passionate about RP. I enjoy it, but it's not anything I'd say I'm nerdy or really into. Just something that's fun and a way to be social and make friends.


This one needs no comment :D

"Judy, candles, gardening, Fushigi Yuugi no da!"

Context: Campus! Judy is still a given, candles... I haven't made one in at least 5 years now. Not since Fair Haven. I've gotten rid of most my candling supplies, haven't lit one in years [not since '02 I don't think, when I caught that pillow on fire GOOD JOB SELF!] Gardening is obvious since I had just posted photos o the garden. :) Fushigi I was really into in college. I still have the manga, but haven't really looked at it much. I don't even think it's still in my top 10 series. But it was my first anime, so...

"The theatre!"

Sort of yes and no. Theater is something I'm satelliting around a lot lately. Just finished up running props for the Tempest, did the big video project on the theater department for my senior project. It's an interest, and probably one that's growing. But I think in a lot of ways, it's a side shoot of the "wanting to help out" urge. Acting is just... not something I can do. Even though I took acting 2 and Paula thought I was wonderful, I still have way too much performance anxiety. I much prefer running around in the background, putting things together, keeping things running, being in the supporting position so that everything goes as it should. Ya know, like like what I have at work.


Lol RP lol. :) Not at all a strong thing.

So kinda interesting to see from my perspective what comes to mind from others. Also makes me think on what things I'm neglecting or just not showing.
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Since I've only said I should do this since forever. ^^;;;

cut for photos )
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Another post of "oh hey I logged in" whee.

So I am apparently doing that not eating thing again. Where I don't quuuite remember what I ate yesterday in the "I think I just had an apple and some crackers WHOOPS" sort of way. So now I feel like @_@ and want to just sleeeeep.


12 days into the month and Kristen hasn't been here at all and thus, hasn't packed at all. Granted, she didn't really UNpack the entire time she was here so most of her books and DVDs are still in boxes but.. We have no idea when she's moving out. @_@ Or who we're getting in her place when she goes. @_@ But! Sennet is finally making progress on the loan for the year of rent she owes us! *flop*

And I now no longer have a hamster. Panda died sometime yesterday. Sennet buried her in the yard last night.

I don't really feel much regarding her, though. When Shou died, I was a wreck, sobbing my eyes out for hours. He was my first pet, after all. I sniffled when Jumpy died, and I think since then, I've been expecting Panda to join her.

Hamsters really don't make good pets. Panda was I think 2 years old. Shou was 3. It goes by far too quickly. And we didn't play with them much because we were always worried they'd jump out of our hands and hide under the sofa or get lost in the apartment.

I dunno. There's been talk of maybe getting guinea pig [and jokes about the name to give it if it's a squeaky/whiny one. Especially if it's a ginger.] but I dunno. Maybe we're just better off not having a pet for now.

Man. I have got to start eating right. Doesn't do me ANY good to have iron levels if I do this crap to myself. @_@
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So I logged in and checked m'friends page, I should update! :D

Summer continues to be annoying in that summer way, but whatever. Iron levels are back up to normal, huzzah! Now I just need my blood cells to not be tiny and I will be a normal human again wheeee.

Judy's doing Shakespeare on Main St this year. They're putting on the Tempest with an all female cast. She got sorta roped into it cause Jenna was auditioning and needed Judy to tell Gary she would be late. So then someone who was gonna play a pair of bit parts wasn't showing, when it was still the first week, I said if they needed someone, I'd give it a go. 3 weeks in, I get asked to come in. Stumble through the reading, feel horribly out of place, have an anxiety spike that grows and grows until I have a break down the next day about an hour before rehearsal. Frannen attempting to read Shakespearian English on book while everyone else has had weeks to learn their lines and oh god and just... could not do it. So I bowed out.

Couple days later, I get asked if I wouldn't mind helping out with props. This, I can do! I figure the girl who's already there more or less knows what's going on and I'll pick up cues and assist. Only not since she was just starting too. And then she didn't come in the next day. Huh. Well, whatever, I figured out what needs doing and can ask the stage manager and producer for anything I don't have down yet, s'all good. So now I'm head of props due to being there two days in a row. Kay cool. Week goes on and I see less and less of her. She comes in late, wanders off, doesn't show up... aaaaand then she goes to Oregon. With out telling any one.


So I'm now doing props solo. Not a big deal, there's only two parts now that I need help carrying things with (would be one but we never got that canvas down for the wood pile, no biggie.) Still having a good time, especially when figuring out how to rig things and make them look nice. Like with the clothes line that was originally this fat rope with clothes pins that would fly off. Asked around and someone had a used clothes line to bring in, then there was a decision to use old style pins to hang the clothes on. Only what was found were "doll pins" and phhht those don't work so well. So I got the idea to saw the doll pins in half and glue them to the regular pins to look nice. (And thankfully, someone had a power saw and tools at home and sliced em in half for me nicely, yeay!) Then tied the pins on with thread so they stayed in place and huzzah! No more flying clothes pins! (Yes, I am a dork, this is an accomplishment, I like fixing problems. :))

It's also nice that I still get to help cause part of the big anxiety was the whole "I'm letting people down" deal when I hit the "I can't do this" so yeay, still getting to help. And Gary wants to talk to me about Stage Manager stuff once he has his brain again (aka, after the production) so huzzah for that.

Took a wad o photos during rehearsals as well. A bit not so happy with how a lot of them came out since the lighting was just... either the flash went and didn't cut it and it was dark or I turned off the flash and got a bit of blur. *laments* but I got a bunch of fun shots.

So, first performance is tonight, wheee~

One of the cast members flagged me down while I was walking and it reminded me why I do enjoy living here. :) Getting to have random chats on the sidewalks, being recognized (one of the ladies who does fundraising for SoMS spotted me at rehearsal and was instantly "heeey, what are you doing here, how'd you get roped into this" smiles and chatting :D) and just things like that. And it continues to please me when people spot my hat and comment on it :D and all the "I knew it was you because of the hat!" :)

So. yeah. I actually had something to update about whee!
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Oh hey, I have this thing. *derp*

[[General note to people: Stalking o the Frannen is currently best done via Twitter [same account name as here] or Facebook. As per usual I have gotten back into the habit of only being logged in on my main RP account. ^^;;;; I fail at personal LJ yet again]]

So, general update stuff! Work is going awesome: Sue is putting in a proposal for me to get an extra 5 hours a week to do stats stuff [aaaaaw yeaaaaah] and I wound up putting in 45 min over this week cause I was all stats processing like the nerd I am and making graphs and charts and stuff. Jess wants me to teach Anne how to do the Progress Report charts like I did when I was working for her instead [Anne's take: "pppph no, not happening"] and Sarah must have told me like 5 times yesterday how awesome it was that I could do all this stuff. I AM THE DATA QUEEN OF THE EST TEAM~! [well redundant but hey, noone not in it knows what EST stands for lol]

Finally got my courage together and am going for the IV iron. @_@ Had the first session this week. 2.5 hooours in a rooom full of people over 60 getting transfusions and kemo and oh god my life *sobs* I always feel so awkward when I have to do medical things. When I went to see the immune system specialist, I was the only patient under 60 I ever saw. At the endocrinologist, same basic deal. And now at the blood doctor's. Maybe it's just because I only work mornings so I'm there when most people my age are in 9-5s buuut...

But yeah. First IV went off fine. Sennet and I watched crap on the Ipod and I made fun o Sennet for being more squeamish than I was. :) Was assured the 2nd and 3rd sessions would only take an hour since they had to do the trial run the first time.

Had to restart the seedlings for the garden, so they're getting a late start, but really, with this weather? It was 45 yesterday morning, no good for tomatoes. and hopefully since starting the IVs I can actually, ya know, get some work done in the garden m;self instead of being all "Senneeeeet do this!" Need to get some mulch cause lol, too lazy to weed ^^;; And just using cut grass is working fine, but doesn't cover enough.

We have an neighbor in the other apartment now. Don't really see her much and when we do, she's got a gazillion people over @_@. So much for the "Don't want to rent to college kids" thing Jim had going... She also has a dog so also lol ditto on the no pets thing. Oh Jim. @_@

I finally got a birdfeeder and have been happily bird watching from my desk. There's this pair of fat-ass blue jays who hang out now, seen some cardinals, sparrows and chickadees, there was a pair of nuthatches today for the first time which was an "ooooh" moment. And this other pair of fat grey birds that are kinda like pigeons I haven;'t IDed yet. Been debating getting a cheep webcam and setting it up in the window just for a bird cam :D

So. yeah. Nothing too exciting or anything. :) Not ignoring you guys intentionally or anything. You just know how my attention span is. :)

Now watch me forget this for another month. :D
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... so I need a new doctor.

Went to talk to her about the asthma thing and the conversation went more or less like this:

Me: I think I have asthma.
Her: Okay, I'll write you a script for an inhaler. And if it doesn't work, then we'll do some tests.

I was in there for a grand total of TEN MINUTES. Half of which was her not remember what I was there for a follow up for. This woman has been nothing but an airhead all 3 times I've seen her. *facepalms* She didn't even realize that the thyroid meds I'm on are from a script from HER OFFICE. She told me to have the endocrinologist handle it from now on since I'm seeing one at the moment to figure something else out.

Figuring out the thyroid stuff is not hard! You draw some blood, do some tests, see if the levels are right and if they aren't, you adjust them. What is so hard she wants me to have another office handle it for?!

So. Yeah. Getting a new doctor. This one is just...

I only have a $10 copay and I still felt ripped off.


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