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Some things are just bad combinations.

Like sleep deprivation and new appliances, fire and expensive antiques, college students and free beer night.

And anxiety and hyperactivity.


At least now that I'm HOME I CAN be a twitching mass of arg arg arg arg arg arg flailing running about lemme make popcorn no I don't know why my stomach feels like that HEY DID YOU SEE MY TWEET STORM ABOUT RED DYE 40 HAVE I MENTIONED MY ATTENTION SPAN DIED AT ABOUT 9:30 HOW ABOUT THAT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA so the anxiety part is going down a little. And that whole "why ye I did wear a Transformers T-shirt to work today I WAS BEING WITTY because lol favorite team day shut up I don't care that it was sports teams I DON'T KNOW SPORTS" thing and oh god I am not making any sense.

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*looks at meme prompt list*



So today was fun :D I lost track of time at work and wound up being there til 12:30 (wheee) and OH GOD GOT SO MUCH DONE @_@ but dear lord I wish these students would just... stay put. Someone went to Stafford, but then came back but then went back just in a different track... THERE HAVE BEEN NINE DAYS OF SCHOOL AND YOU HAVE BOUNCED TWICE?! GAAH. And then there;'s the scramblign of I have no idea when the person at Stafford scheduled these but now this person isn't on EST any longer and this person is over here and oh man STAY PUT.

But yeah. Realized that oh wait, with Monday of and Tuesday being a loss during head cold, ACK BACK UP OF TIME PENDING STUFF. BUT! I got almost all of it done! And I pumped out the attendance report in 10 minutes (including highlighting the printout and delivering it aw yeah) and instead of maintaining this list of like.. 50+ students to monitor the progress of, I can just run the "find all students in danger of failing!" query and go by that. TIME SAVED YES!

My extra 5 hours starts this week but I have nooo idea if I'll get them all in with the 4 day week and 1 super short day but WE SHALL SEE.

And minus the small anxiety slump of "oh god I have so many tasks right now" work was pretty awesome. I really prefer the days where I'm so busy that I'm FLYING because I can get it all done and don't have time to get bored. :D Even if some of the start of year stuff is kinda stressfull cause processes aren't set up yet so it's all "ARG" of doing things like merging three styles of EST plans to create one that's a lot like to state example but has more things on it. The fact that I just blitzed til 12:30 when ona normal day I get ot about 10:30 and start eyeing the clock... yeah. :)
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Oh hey, I have this thing. *derp*

[[General note to people: Stalking o the Frannen is currently best done via Twitter [same account name as here] or Facebook. As per usual I have gotten back into the habit of only being logged in on my main RP account. ^^;;;; I fail at personal LJ yet again]]

So, general update stuff! Work is going awesome: Sue is putting in a proposal for me to get an extra 5 hours a week to do stats stuff [aaaaaw yeaaaaah] and I wound up putting in 45 min over this week cause I was all stats processing like the nerd I am and making graphs and charts and stuff. Jess wants me to teach Anne how to do the Progress Report charts like I did when I was working for her instead [Anne's take: "pppph no, not happening"] and Sarah must have told me like 5 times yesterday how awesome it was that I could do all this stuff. I AM THE DATA QUEEN OF THE EST TEAM~! [well redundant but hey, noone not in it knows what EST stands for lol]

Finally got my courage together and am going for the IV iron. @_@ Had the first session this week. 2.5 hooours in a rooom full of people over 60 getting transfusions and kemo and oh god my life *sobs* I always feel so awkward when I have to do medical things. When I went to see the immune system specialist, I was the only patient under 60 I ever saw. At the endocrinologist, same basic deal. And now at the blood doctor's. Maybe it's just because I only work mornings so I'm there when most people my age are in 9-5s buuut...

But yeah. First IV went off fine. Sennet and I watched crap on the Ipod and I made fun o Sennet for being more squeamish than I was. :) Was assured the 2nd and 3rd sessions would only take an hour since they had to do the trial run the first time.

Had to restart the seedlings for the garden, so they're getting a late start, but really, with this weather? It was 45 yesterday morning, no good for tomatoes. and hopefully since starting the IVs I can actually, ya know, get some work done in the garden m;self instead of being all "Senneeeeet do this!" Need to get some mulch cause lol, too lazy to weed ^^;; And just using cut grass is working fine, but doesn't cover enough.

We have an neighbor in the other apartment now. Don't really see her much and when we do, she's got a gazillion people over @_@. So much for the "Don't want to rent to college kids" thing Jim had going... She also has a dog so also lol ditto on the no pets thing. Oh Jim. @_@

I finally got a birdfeeder and have been happily bird watching from my desk. There's this pair of fat-ass blue jays who hang out now, seen some cardinals, sparrows and chickadees, there was a pair of nuthatches today for the first time which was an "ooooh" moment. And this other pair of fat grey birds that are kinda like pigeons I haven;'t IDed yet. Been debating getting a cheep webcam and setting it up in the window just for a bird cam :D

So. yeah. Nothing too exciting or anything. :) Not ignoring you guys intentionally or anything. You just know how my attention span is. :)

Now watch me forget this for another month. :D
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I think this moment sorta sums up my life pretty well :D

UPS truck shows up: Awww yeah, package! *look out window. Notice size of package is freaking huge.* .. bleh. For Jim. *deflates* *goes and rechecks when MoO should get here* *notice it's sent post office instead* *notices delivery date is still today* Aawww yeah, package!

Relatedly: Anyone have any good strategies for dealing with anxiety attached to a specific person/situation? Cause really, I keep having this knee jerk overreaction whenever I see a specific person online and it's REALLY not good for me. @_@ Especially when there's starting to be spill over to things that are kinda related but very much not the same. [and no, sadly, blocking is not an option.]

Also: You never appreciate a nice, fast computer as much as you do after being on a crankbox. *pets Yadonushi* Oooh the work computers. @_@ The laptop is one of those huge brick types, only has 2 USB ports, still has the old style mouse port, floppy drive and weighs a tooon but isn't too bad compared to the desk machine with it's Pentium III (ha) slow chugging 10min to log you in in the morning oh god why does it take forever to load up MSWord, what is it even doing aaaah where did my windows go STOP TRYING TO UPDATE, ADOBE crankbox. I'm not even gonna try running mp3s on that thing, I let the lappy run ITunes now @_@. So very gonna see if I can wangle getting a better box down there over summer. *really hopes to be working with Eric again over summer, oh yes.*

I've started sorta re-creating the "How I do my job" manual I did for 504 cause Phhhht if I know where the files for it went, mebby Anne has them, IDK, cause I realized the "How to do EST" binder that Linda left me is OVERLY SPECIFIC to my position the first month I was there. Which, while helpful then, means it's... kiiiinda not helpful out of that context. It's telling me to go to her drive to click on a short cut to do this thing, doesn't really explain how to get Edline to work etc etc.

So I'm going through and putting together manual pages for how to do stuff. Partly so next year after summer break when I sit down and go "... oh shit, it's been months, how do I do this again?" I can look it up. :D Just the screencaps for the "Processing Student Schedules" is already 6 pages long. ^^;;; Administrator Plus is nice, but oh lordy, they bury crap in menues like you would not believe.

Lessee... what else....

Sennet is baaaack, which is yeaaaaaay and campus is back in session which is also yeaaaay. Life is back to normal so happy! I need to start stalking around campus with the camera and camcorder again once it's spring, and start doing more archiving/video editing stuff. Maybe stalk Paula round for an afternoon. I got a new mini tripod that goes to about 41 inches tall which is pretty neat that I can just shove in a bag and go with. (since, while the full size tripod is awesome, toting it around is kinda not, cause that thing is like.. 4 feet in compact mode. ^^;; And upstairs. I should bring it back down here so I can grab it and go or something. ANYWAY)

... yeah I think that about covers it for now. I'm gonna go play Oblivion now. :D
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So, Sue and I swapped Xmas gifts and she got me two things of soap that I recognized as being from the co-op, and apparently she also has the weakness for nice smelling soaps thing and gets all of them at the co-op too. Win :D Total win :D

[and somehow there's the belief that I'm more Jewish than I am in the school. I'm gonna blame Juchan for that one :D]


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