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Originally posted by [ profile] acelightning at Signal Boost: Dear GOP - You are killing people!
Passed along from many people - original post by [info]suricattus.
This is not MY personal story... that will come later.
There is a move afoot in the nation -driven by the GOP - to repeal the new health care laws, to protect corporate interests, to defend against fear-mongering (and stupid) cries of "socialism!", and to ensure that people are forced to choose between keeping a roof over their heads or getting necessary health care.

This movement is killing people.

Think I'm overstating the fact?

Ask the friends and family of writer/reviewer Melissa Mia Hall, who died of a heart attack last week because she was so terrified of medical bills, she didn't go see a doctor who could have saved her life.

One person. Not the only one. That could have been me. Yeah, I have access to insurance -- I live in New York City, which is freelancer-friendly, and have access to freelancer advocacy groups. Through them, I can pay over $400/month ($5,760/year) as a single, healthy woman, so that if I go to the hospital I'm not driven to bankruptcy. But a doctor's appointment - a routine physical - can still cost me several hundred dollars each visit. So unless something's terribly wrong? I won't go.

Someone who lives in a state where there is no Freelancer's Guild or MediaBistro to put together an insurance plan for freelancers? Someone who has been laid off or downsized, and can barely make ends meet? SoL.

That could be you. That could be your best friend. That could be someone you've never met. That could be any of us - because there are people out there who think that taking care their neighbor is someone else's problem.

No. It's our responsibility. All of us, together. As a nation.

EtA: Nobody is trying to put insurance companies out of business. They will always be able to offer a better plan for a premium. We simply want to ensure that every citizen - from infant to senior citizen - doesn't have to choose between medical care, and keeping a roof over their heads, or having enough to eat.

We're trying to get this to go viral. Pass it along:

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Some things are just bad combinations.

Like sleep deprivation and new appliances, fire and expensive antiques, college students and free beer night.

And anxiety and hyperactivity.


At least now that I'm HOME I CAN be a twitching mass of arg arg arg arg arg arg flailing running about lemme make popcorn no I don't know why my stomach feels like that HEY DID YOU SEE MY TWEET STORM ABOUT RED DYE 40 HAVE I MENTIONED MY ATTENTION SPAN DIED AT ABOUT 9:30 HOW ABOUT THAT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA so the anxiety part is going down a little. And that whole "why ye I did wear a Transformers T-shirt to work today I WAS BEING WITTY because lol favorite team day shut up I don't care that it was sports teams I DON'T KNOW SPORTS" thing and oh god I am not making any sense.

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Later, I will go outside and take real photos (if the sun comes back out, it has gone hiding)

I think we got another 6 inches or so. Hard to tell from inside. 33 deg so at least some of it will be melting...? Maybe? The roads should be quick to clear anyway.

I need to take a photo of the sidewalks. The banks are at least 4 foot high. Maybe taller. Again, hard to tell from inside.

So much snow. Sooo much.
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There may be plotting in the works. Involving character death.

Not this month because ahahaha no that would just cause far too much damage, buuut...

This idea is still in proto stages, so any input at all of timing to avoid, methods to avoid, anything that would trigger something not wanted, lemme know now so that they can be avoided early in. Similarly, anything you'd want to get your character to react to with this sorta thing, drop it here.

I still need to come up with an outcome goal for it since there are many possibilities; one being possibly a push towards selfishness, another getting him to stop trusting creepers people of questionable alignment, and poooosibly a strong push to the darkside. Depending. YB parallels are coming up strong and continuing that trend would be fun.

And everyone blame Olesia for this.
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... soooo.

It's -23.7 deg out. [We have a "snow" day because of the extreme cold]

It's 66.5 deg in.

It should be 70 deg in.

The heater keeps kicking on and off.

There is a not to nice smell that smells kinda gassy in the stairwell.

Landlord says "Long as you have heat, probably nothing's wrong."

We can't even get into the basement to check cause -23.7 deg out ahahaha no, we are not going out side and around the house through the snow to get to the basement to check.

The upstairs heat is fine. It's radiant floor, not radiators. I'm pretty sure it's electric. We already moved the boys up there.

Much as I love this apartment...

I think we're gonna look for a new place come spring/summer.

Jim is never here, doesn't get things fixed in a timely manner [Still don't have a new vent/microwave in the kitchen.] does patch up jobs of most things [the molding in the kitchen that looks so nice was never attached to the wall and now it's warped because IT'S BEHIND THE SINK WHERE IT GETS DAMP.] and I don't feel comfortable with a lot of the things he does.

This is an expensive apartment. It worked out very nicely when Jim was still working on the 2nd apartment because he was here and could fix things. But he's never around. The basement is still always freezing, there is very little weather proofing (guess who pays the heating bill? Yep, it's us!) and it's starting to hit the Larry pattern where we're taking the fall for a crappy tenant in the other apartment because he's always catering to her, even though she keeps breaking shit and causing problems.

So yeah. Come spring, I think we're gonna start looking again. Love the apartment, love the location, getting so so tired of the shady landlording.
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Just going with canon/non DR insanity things for this caaaaause phht. Yeah. :)

[ profile] daddysoldmysoul Ari from Okage. In the start of the game when Stan needs a shadow to possess, his family is more than willing to sign him up for the job and his dad is even all "ARE YOU WILLING TO PUT YOUR SOUL ON THE LINE FOR YOUR SISTER?" (which gets an "eeer.. what?" that gets ignored) So yeah. His dad sold his soul to save his sister from the curse of Pig Latin. Ari's life.

[ profile] lovemedangit Mytho, Princess Tutu. From when he was still the Raven Prince sometimes, so the Raven Prince's big tantrum of "WHY WON'T YOU LOVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" which... doesn't apply to his Prince self, so when his icon time runs out, if I'm still playing him, totally shifting to [ profile] princenopants because that is the fandom joke for just how many times he just is not wearing any pants.

[personal profile] shiromadoushi Bakura, Yuugiou (manga). Username means "White Mage" which is his character class in Monster World, and the powerset picked up when he entered C&C. So. Yeah. Boring name. Wheee... and his C&C 2020 variant: [profile] sukoshizutsu means "a little at a time" taken from the song "Issei no Koe" which is the opening to Natsume no Yuujichou and very much fits Bakura, especially in the City.

[profile] trulypermanent LaCroix from Forever Knight (not in any game yet cause hahah canon review oh god): There's a track on the first soundtrack that's just this character having a sound bite (there's a few on the CD, but this is the best one) "In this ever changing world that we share, there is only one thing that is truly permanent. Me." and then he chortles.

[profile] steppingover Ayumu from Zettai Shonen. [Played at Moksa_U] Reference to a bit of dialogue where he comments something to the effect of how during the Cat Dance festival he briefly stepped over into that other world. [I think. It's been a bit since I rewatched and this RP is dead so I don't do much with. Also, spellchecker, how is "unwatched" (something that's impossible to do) a word and "rewatched" not? C'moon.] But yeah. Dancing the line between this world and the next.
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It's been snowing almost all day. There was a pause where I THOUGHT it was done... and it just started up again. And it's coming down so fast @_@

Snowday tomorrow plx. So we can dig out.
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.... so. Next door came home last night.

She came over late last night to ask if we had heat because hers wasn't working. She had turned hers down to 55 before she left for break.

Didn't think anything of it last night.

But this morning, the downstairs bathrooom wasn't flushing right. No amount of plunging would fix it. So Sennet went down to the basement to check things out.

And heard water running.

Turns out that the pipes froze. And busted.

She's been back for less than 24 hours and she broke the house.

it's 13 degrees out and we have no water.

I really hope this is the last straw and Jim BOOTS HER ASS OUT.
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Things Frannen really likes: 5th Element

For those of you who haven't seen this movie, go watch that clip. Seriously. That clip sums up very well everything I love about this freaking movie. Yes, it's a bit slow til about the 3:20 mark, but it's worth it.

This movie has a pretty predictable plot but really... a plot does not make a movie. And that's a separate rant.

Anyway. This movie has amazing art to it. The cuts between scenes are freaking excellent, weaving together three conversations into one seamlessly. The choreography is great, the sync with the background music is perfect, the characters are pretty well done and hey, the future is actually believable.

I had this whole big thing in the car but I think I just... suck at typing these things out so will leave it at this.

...except to OMG again about how they do the scene splicing. Fucking love that. Done so well.
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So I'm thinking maybe next year for New Years, maybe I aught to, ya know, do something.

New Years stopped feeling any different once staying up past midnight started being an everyday thing. I mean, even then it was just me and my brother staying up all night watching Marx brothers' movies or something.

I dunno. Just me and my lack of a handle on this whole time thing makes New Years just... well. Another day.

Yeah, IDK. Holidays yet again this year just kinda sailed on by without me having a clue. I need a life.
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ON A WHIM I went "oh hey, there should be more Shiki out." And low and behold, there was!

The last 3 eps.

Which I started watching

At midnight.

It's 2am.

I am still flailing.


... freaking anime. *shakes fist*

..and yeah, I still totally recommend it. WTF was that even.

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... and the instant I start typing that "Coming home to Terra" plays in all it's cheesy glory. Thank you computer, I missed you too.

So. Yeah. Got up at 6 am again today. Was antsy as hell for an hour before looking at the weather map and going "aw HELL NO I am not being snowed in at the In laws for 2 days." Judy and I got packing, woke the in laws, stuffed the car and got the hell out by like... 8-9ish.

So yeah. Me and my head cold self powered through the 4-5 hour drive and got the hell home. Only saw flurries.

It's snowing in NYC right now.


Because I'd rather ride out the rest of this miserable ass cold at home that with either set of parents.

But yeah. Other than being sick as hell, Xmas was decent. Would have been better if I could breeeeeth and thus sleeeeeeeeeeeep but hey, details. :D

We got a GPS (Judy has named it GLADOS because it kept trying to tell us to go a different way than we wanted to on the way home :D) which was a cool toy. Dad made faces at the guinea pigs, but everyone else loved em. (Well, Judy's dad was all "...." but whatever, daddies are daddies. :))

Fever is gone, YEAY and I am HOME so yeah.

It can snow now. :D

At random

Dec. 22nd, 2010 10:12 am
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I totally love when things that aren't really Xmasy get grouped into Xmas clearance. Got a nice pack of ink pads that goes from blue to white on clearance because it was lumped that way.

I also got the DERPEST set of Xmas stamps for 4 bucks. Totally worth it.

So the transfer of Fran-web to KnN has occurred and everything seems to be working. Though I just realized last night that 99% of my Fran-web email was now going into my spam box because I had it set on an automatic redirect and GMail was all "SMELLS OF PROCESSED MEAT" AAAAAH as result, I missed the reminder notice for my charge bill and wound up paying it late last night. When it was due yesterday. Reeeeally hoping that it counts as being close enough to on time that I won't get whammed with a fee @_@ Need to transition to having everything go to Gmail anyway @_@

Almost have all the cards promised out! Just... have 3 sitting there waiting. Just need to finish the envelope on one set and, ya know, actually write something in them (WHOOPS) and then finish up the last one. I have the face of it done!

Sue gushed when she saw the card I made her and said I should sell them. Yeeeah with my lack of motivation? Phhht. But it was nice that she liked it. :) We also got each other more or less the same gift :D Hot cocoa and chocolate :D

So. Yeah. Pointless update is pointless as always! :)
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Next step on merging KnN and Fran-web taken. the Fran-web domain is being moved to KnN's host. Once it's there, I can start figuring out just what in the heck I WANT under Fran-web to actually go up. Next month, can the hosting Fran-web used to be on, which will save me 120 bucks a year. Hell, transferring the domain itself is gonna save me a wad since it's on an ABUSIVE registrar that charged me freaking 45 bucks to renew last year. For serious. Most places charge under 20. Fuck that noise.

So. Yeah. Not even sure what I'm DOING with my webspace anymore. KnN sits there and will for as long as I have it cause that's the only thing people visit on there. I keep meaning to do more with my photos but... I dunno no motivation to actually put together a page or anything. I may just play with the gallery software.

Mostly, what my space gets used for is a space dump online. The temp DIR is huuuuge.

But yeah. If it weren't for KnN, I'd probably just can the whole deal. I dunno.

Kinda ironic. I always tell myself not to make decisions when I'm in a state, and it's when I am in a state that things finally start moving. Though to be fair, this had 99% external triggers. [finding out the billing info for FW was buggered leading to a "oh FFS" and starting the ball rolling.

God I'm a procrastinator @_@
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It's kinda weird. Within the year I've gotten a few CDs from bands I used to listen to all the time. Got the latest Depeche Mode album and just....

didn't like it.

Listened to it once and then stuck it on the shelf. It was both at the same time, different than their earlier stuff, yet totally the same as their last album I got. Only I liked the last album (which I only just finally got the non-live version of the album of. ... I like the live one better. The studio cuts just... kinda... suck.) This one just... it didn't have any of the parts I liked and seemed to develop the parts I didn't. It was like the 5Ds of Depeche Mode. [god what a sentance :D] Disappointing, but whatever.

So then I also got the latest Tori Amos album. [or at least I think it's the latest, I haven't kept up with music at ALL] and after having it sit around for a month, mp3ed it and mixed it into the rotation.

And so far everything on it sounds exactly like her previous stuff. And I'm just as meh about it as I was about the DM album.

Also picked up a Metalica album I used to have in middle school and gave it a listen. And wow, this... kinda sucks. I used to really like this album and I'm just sitting here going "... there's nothing to this. What the hell, self."

Starting to wonder if I'm turning into one of those "NOTHING NEW" sorta people. @_@ Only not cause I'm still picking up soundtrack stuff, Jpop and mashups. I've actually gotten real fond of mashups between current pop and 80s stuff. And also leaning more towards dance/techno and some more mainstream pop. [At least I think it's mainstream, I haven't listened to the radio in ages, fuckall if I know what's popular. @_@]

I dunno. I used to pride myself on the fact that I liked different things than everyone else. But really...

I think I just like popular music.

Somehow it feels like admitting that is almost shameful or something. I dunno.

Yet at the same time, I'm very slow to introduce new music into my rotations.

Is this what it feels like to be hitting adulthood proper? Resistant to change, yet kinda cranky with the old stuff?

Sometimes I just look back at stuff I used to do and like and wonder why I stopped. Other times I wonder why I started.

I'm starting with the crafting thing again. The urge for making videos is still kinda there but keeps being sat on by things on the computer exploding ><. The theater bug is kinda... floating. (I blame my crap motivation for that)

I think this is why I'm not gonna do the grad school thing, and why I'm perfectly happy to stay at the job I'm at. I don't want to try going for a career kinda job where you are actually in a field or whatever. I'm in a job with a decent pay per hour, a great boss, and where I get to fiddle around with numbers and organize things. [something that's just been getting stronger the more I get to indulge in it. Though it's getting more refined to "oooh, I wanna see how..." dunno how much more C&C stats I'll e doing just because.. eh. I proved my point there. Research to be done is in another area, really. And doesn't require time stamping. SIDE RAMBLE]

It's like how I always was swapping majors. Floating interest. Like how the environmental thing is just... total back burner. Tired of reading labels, tired of not doing things because their wasteful. I think that's a lot of why I stopped crafting. But fuck it, making things is FUN. Doubt I'll go back to candling cause god that made a mess and then the candles just stat around, but I'm really enjoying playing around with stamps and now that I've realized "Oh hey! I can make cards for people! SWEET." it's really taking off. I think that was part of why it never went anywhere past hording stamps last time I was into this stuff [like, oh god, middle school? Mail order catalog and ordering a stamp with my full name, it HAD to be. (wonder if I still have those somewhere. AAAH NESTED PARENTHESES)]

So. Yeah. I think I lost my point in there somewhere. @_@

Maybe I should try and track down the music suggestions from people and actually... ya know.. follow up on them. ^^;;;;; Stop trying to pick up new stuff from old bands I liked and just acknowledge that I don't listen to them any longer.

Not getting rid of any of my cds because phhht, every time I do that, 2 years later I'm all "Dude, why did I get rid of that? T_T"

Oh yeah: First CD I ever got was Ace of Base - The Sign.

And I kind wish I still had it.


*Feels better and finally ends this ramble*

Edit: Also. I need to do more with my photos. Even if it's just going through the old ones and uploading them somewhere if not taking more. STOP BEING SO LAZY, SELF.
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God that was the worst drive home ever. fuuuuck weather.

So glad I never took off the snow tires. Oh god so glad. I would not have been able to get out of the parking lot elsewise.

This WIND has been going since last night... getting on like.. 18 hours of high winds wat. And then it's been freezing rain/hail since this morning.

Freezing rain going side waaaays fuuuck.

*is not leaving the house today oh hell no*

How are people going down the road so fast. Whaaat.

Fuck winter, it's freaking early November! GAH!
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Sometimes I think I pick up too much from others around me emotion wise.

I was fine when I got home, went and checked a few things...

And now, for no reason of my own, I'm having background anxiety. Seriously, this came out of nowhere and I can't place it. There was a bunch of anxiety on my friends list, which is the only thing I can even think of that might have triggered it.

I don't get it. O.o

It's not even RP related since I was fine when checking things there. O.o

Just... out of freaking nowhere, a random small spike of anxiety/depression. And a feeling like I need a nap.


I think I may need to eat.
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Sunday was kinda awesome. Lazed in bed til noonish, made sauce with tomatoes from nextdoor's abandoned garden and our basil. Made ziti from it. MMMMMMm.

Yesterday was pretty good til one point where it all came crashing down. Found out Nannie Claire died. And I was kinda in this state where everything was tight in my chest and I felt that at any little thing I was either gonna break out crying or scream.

Needless to say, Poe rehearsal? Yeah, I didn't last long there, @_@

Better now. Still not 100% (kept making stupid mistakes at work today) but emotionally back under control. Big thank you to all m' C&C buddies who indulged my need for derpy cute things and gave well wishes and virtual hugs. It helped a lot.

Moving stuff into the spare room, helps the living room look much neater. Would be nice to have that added percent of the rent but, whatever. We'll manage. I'm getting 20 hours a week now at $13 an hour, so..


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