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In direct opposition to the previous post:

I really like how this one came out. Think I'm gonna keep it :) The center bead came outta a grab bag [one of those "BIG VALUE!" packs and was totally worth it.

I think this is why I keep spending too much money in craft stores....
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So on Saturday, we had 48 deg weather for over 24 hours. Things melted, we could see pavement that hadn't been visible in months, the sidewalk ridge was low enough that I could see around it...

Then at about noon Sunday, the temp started dropping. And it's been slowly dropping since. The rain turned to freezing rain, then snow.

This morning, I peek out the window to find this.

There's been so much wind that there's a foot of snow against the door despite the porch.

I'm not good at estimating, but we have to have gotten at least 2 feet. And because of all the melting earlier, there's gotta be a thick sheet of ice under all that.

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So after getting a gazillion tests done...

Nothing is wrong.

My blood sugar is fine, my cholesterol is golden, my cortazal (no, I have idea how to spell it) levels are all good, everything they tested for is perfectly on level. Testing for Polysystic ovarian whatnot came back negative

So, in short, no one has any idea why in hell that mess over summer happened. The endocrinologist basically said "Welp. If it does it again, we'll run new tests while it's going on, but other than that.. you're good to go!"

So whee, no problems, but still scratching my head going "well WTF was that then?"

In other news:

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These were taken a few hours ago when we went out for round one of shoveling.

It's been snowing steadily since then.

Flood day~

Jan. 25th, 2010 01:22 pm
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So, we had a "snow" day today. What it really was was ice, wind and flooding day.

Cut for photos! )

Soo much wind, sooo much melt, so much rain. @_@ So glad I did not have to go to work today!
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So we got our first snow last night! Nice fat flakes that clung to everything but the roads (until like, midnight but, well. That happens)

Took some photos this morning:

Lazy gallery mode on Facebook:

Jumbo gainormous not resized at all so you can see the poor quality of working with a video camera to take stills:

Edit: Also, guys: Someone nag me into actually logging into this account more often? Or maybe even posting more IDEFK. Maybe I should do a photo a day thing or something. I have so many photos that have never seen the glow of the internet... @_@

Edit again: And who has a facebook I can add since I keep wasting time on that place playing silly flash games? :)
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Since it was good weather, Sennet and I took a 2-3 hour walk down to the river yesterday, dragging the camcorder and tripod (WITH the foot this time!)

Shooting went well. Will be editing today and hope to have video up by tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I even have a script worked out in my head for the shots I got and ideas of what effects to use in putting it together. <3

Attempted to see how the photo option on the camcorder was but didn't realize you had to be in photo mode to do it. Yeah. Sometimes, I'm not so bright.

And I'm a little miffed at my still camera as it wasn't at all adjusting for brightness so all the stills I took were washed out. ... and I don't know where the exposure wheel on it is. >< I've only had this thing for what, 5 years? So the stills I took are no good. Unless I shop them a bunch, but...

This one's the best of the batch, amusingly enough.

I really need to sort through my photos and update my page of them. Also should play with this and see if it's viable for just the mass amounts of photos I have. Cause heck, KnN has tons of space and all these toys, I may as well use them! :)

But yeah, to give a bit of stats re: my photo collection: The photos folder, minus the ones from dad, is 10.4 gig with 11,385 files in 366 subfolders. Granted, some of those are resizes, but...

Yeah. I need to sort that pile. Big time. :) Maybe I should start doing a photo of the week thing as well, since I'm using this thing again.

The birds have started to come back! I saw a cardinal and a trio of chickadees this morning out my window. With luck later on, video of birdies will be had! <3
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Photos under here! )

I so need a 2nd memory card.. T_T This one fills up so fast!


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