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posting from work whoops

I'm just a bundle of ARG and repressed flailing and stress so bad right now. I want that house. I want it bad. I want to get out of this fucking apartment and into a place that doesn't have horrible drafts and an abusive manipulative landlord. The house for rent we went to see is NICE and the lady showing us was all "and if that breaks, we'll fix it, my husband is handyman, he fixes everything." It has a semi finished basement [aka, THERE IS A FLOOR IT IS NOT JUST DIRT] and attic [Ditto, there is a floor, it could be a spare bedroom as long as it's not winter] Landlord takes care of some of the grounds work [the flower beds/landscaping stuff.] there is a HUGE garden plot, a front and back enclosed porch EVERYTHING LOOKS SO NICE AND NOT HALF ASSED T_T. There is even a two car garage WITH STORAGE BEHIND.

And you know how you can walk into a place and tell if it's well isolated/sealed? Yeah. There's even new windows that are the double pained glass.

But yeah. Nice sized house. Not to big but we don't NEED big. And the landlord takes care of the water bill, and they only used around 350 gallons of oil last winter. Which, considering this house has gone through 300 gallons in the past TWO MONTHS in the SPRING end of winter?

Yeah. We will be saving so much utilities money on this place.

Do want. Do want so bad I am ANTSY AS ALL FUCK.

I really just... I need the change. I need the nice the lack of freaking ANTS and assholes and noisy parties next door and people walking off with my bike and moving my solar stakes and just ARG.

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I hope you get it!! That's a huge break on utilities, I'm pleasantly surprised. FINGERS CROSSED!

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Yeah. the HEATING COSTS ALONE will save so much. And since we're paying for Jim's freaking satalite package now and we can ditch that completely or even just get Netflix or something, there goes that part of the bill, the water being included is another...

So even though the base cost is higher? It's gonna be cheaper, even if just by a little, and for SO much more.

If we get it, I will be posting so many pictures. New carpets, an older stove [stove/microwave combo from MONTGOMERY WARDS HOLY CRAP that looks in REAL good condition!] there are even overhead fans (which I have a near phobia about but hey) everything is well kept up... It apparently used to be someone's summer home before this owner inherited it.

There is even a (sadly non functional) WATER PUMP in the back yard. And the garage has an automatic opener.

Want. So. Bad. T_T