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frannyan ([personal profile] frannyan) wrote2011-02-23 03:53 pm
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So I ordered Judy some manga a while back. It was back ordered, so it took a while for them to even ship it. Checked the delivery confirmation today and went "Huh. It says it was delivered yesterday..."

Search the porch, nothing.


Check with next door.


Call post office. The clerk will talk to the carrier and call me back.

She does, and the carrier says he put it in our box.

Now. See. We have one of those side of the house mail boxes. It's about maybe.. an inch and a half wide and about 6 inches tall. There is no way any package could fit in that thing.

Clerk says she'll ask again, but he said that he put it in the box.

Check the porch again. The only "box" out there is the wood bench chest. Not in there. Not anywhere.

WTF, post office.

I just have to hope wherever it wound up, someone will go "Huh. This innit mine" and bring it back to the post office so they can actually deliver it here.

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