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Guess who's being theater monkey again? :D

Gary's putting on a Poe thingi and asked if either me or Juchan wanted to stage manage. We both went to the first and Judy started taking all the notes cause she's better at that so she'll be doing the stage managing proper and I, as is my usual, will be the glue of things and archivist. So expect to see photos and possibly a video in a month or two :D
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So I logged in and checked m'friends page, I should update! :D

Summer continues to be annoying in that summer way, but whatever. Iron levels are back up to normal, huzzah! Now I just need my blood cells to not be tiny and I will be a normal human again wheeee.

Judy's doing Shakespeare on Main St this year. They're putting on the Tempest with an all female cast. She got sorta roped into it cause Jenna was auditioning and needed Judy to tell Gary she would be late. So then someone who was gonna play a pair of bit parts wasn't showing, when it was still the first week, I said if they needed someone, I'd give it a go. 3 weeks in, I get asked to come in. Stumble through the reading, feel horribly out of place, have an anxiety spike that grows and grows until I have a break down the next day about an hour before rehearsal. Frannen attempting to read Shakespearian English on book while everyone else has had weeks to learn their lines and oh god and just... could not do it. So I bowed out.

Couple days later, I get asked if I wouldn't mind helping out with props. This, I can do! I figure the girl who's already there more or less knows what's going on and I'll pick up cues and assist. Only not since she was just starting too. And then she didn't come in the next day. Huh. Well, whatever, I figured out what needs doing and can ask the stage manager and producer for anything I don't have down yet, s'all good. So now I'm head of props due to being there two days in a row. Kay cool. Week goes on and I see less and less of her. She comes in late, wanders off, doesn't show up... aaaaand then she goes to Oregon. With out telling any one.


So I'm now doing props solo. Not a big deal, there's only two parts now that I need help carrying things with (would be one but we never got that canvas down for the wood pile, no biggie.) Still having a good time, especially when figuring out how to rig things and make them look nice. Like with the clothes line that was originally this fat rope with clothes pins that would fly off. Asked around and someone had a used clothes line to bring in, then there was a decision to use old style pins to hang the clothes on. Only what was found were "doll pins" and phhht those don't work so well. So I got the idea to saw the doll pins in half and glue them to the regular pins to look nice. (And thankfully, someone had a power saw and tools at home and sliced em in half for me nicely, yeay!) Then tied the pins on with thread so they stayed in place and huzzah! No more flying clothes pins! (Yes, I am a dork, this is an accomplishment, I like fixing problems. :))

It's also nice that I still get to help cause part of the big anxiety was the whole "I'm letting people down" deal when I hit the "I can't do this" so yeay, still getting to help. And Gary wants to talk to me about Stage Manager stuff once he has his brain again (aka, after the production) so huzzah for that.

Took a wad o photos during rehearsals as well. A bit not so happy with how a lot of them came out since the lighting was just... either the flash went and didn't cut it and it was dark or I turned off the flash and got a bit of blur. *laments* but I got a bunch of fun shots.

So, first performance is tonight, wheee~

One of the cast members flagged me down while I was walking and it reminded me why I do enjoy living here. :) Getting to have random chats on the sidewalks, being recognized (one of the ladies who does fundraising for SoMS spotted me at rehearsal and was instantly "heeey, what are you doing here, how'd you get roped into this" smiles and chatting :D) and just things like that. And it continues to please me when people spot my hat and comment on it :D and all the "I knew it was you because of the hat!" :)

So. yeah. I actually had something to update about whee!
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Editing has been pushed back another day since Premiere 7 not only snubs 2000, but it and Vista don't get along so well. Attempts to install on Sennet's machine were met with EXPLOSIONS! So, we're going to try and put it on Sennet's laptop today instead since that has XP.

So, 3rd attempt to do the interview with Paula was yesterday. We got there and she said that since the dress rehearsal for the Poe Haunt was that night and she was meeting someone about it in a half hour. I had asked about videoing said dress rehearsal which Paula said was an awesome idea (with Paula, things aren't ever just "good" ideas, they're always amazing and she will squee and gush about them. Paula's so cute <3) So we went over and I taped a walk though of Lisa talking about the production, showing off the set and explaining it all. This took about 45 min. Then we find out the dress rehearsal is at 8. Blerg. Campus dinner tiem! (which was thankfully good cause yeay manicotti (I cannot spell. >< Like stuffed shells only in a tube.)

Since the haunt is basically a literary haunted house, I hand cammed the entire thing. (the run only took about 7 min, but since we were taping, we were the last group to go through) Most of it didn't come out too well due to it being way too dark but the audio should be useable. Felt a little bad that none of the stuff really scared me any. :)

So, since I got SO much footage from this, I'm going to put together a mini video for Lisa about it so she has it for her archive. Oooh was it hard to work in the tight space! I could get the proper zoom on things because of it. So I went with a lot of close ups out of necessity.

I need to at some point either fix my tripod or get a new one. The head of the thing is on a tilt. I had it completely level and the camera itself was still on an angle which was VERY frustrating when trying to set up shots. Gonna see if I can fix that today... Because I remember that that part used to be adjust able so not sure why it's stuck...

[Birds spotted while typing: Robins, pigeon, little small brown one I need to find the name of... Not to self, get bird IDing guide that is NOT missing a wad of pages. >< ]


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