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Got a call from mom yesterday about my uncle being in the hospital because he wound up severely jaundiced. Found a tumor behind his liver and gall stones.

And cancer.

And today they found out that the cancer's already metastasized. It's in his stomach and intestines already. If they do surgery, there's a 10% chance of survival. With those odds, he's refusing it.

Grandma got told today about the cancer. Mom just told her yesterday about the jaundice. Doesn't want to tell her about the rest and I don't blame her.

Told me yesterday to send a get well card. Told me today to change it to a "Thinking of you."

Because there's very little chance he will get better.
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Went to take a photo of something to send Sennet and my cell phone went "oh noes, full memory card!" Take out the card, stick it in the computer and oh wow, nearly 300 photos on that card taken from March of last year. Looking through that stack showed an interesting slide show of the last year: Photos taken from inside restaurants, yard sale finds, my brother's birthday pie fight, the inside of Judy's parents basement, Passover, showing off odd things found in stores, Shakespeare on Main street, projects in process, food being cooked, the ruins of the back yard, the guinea pigs, parking lots, "We were here" photos, shots from the inside of a moving car, relatives, family gatherings...

Cameras themselves are amazing things. A press of a button and you have a record of a moment in time that would have otherwise passed in a moment.

Digital cameras were the next step: Film was suddenly reusable and insanely cheep. One memory card could hold hundreds of photos.

Cell phone cameras meant that you always had a camera with you. With multi media texting, you could send a photo instantly to someone far away.

The ability to visual record and remember your world and share it with others, available to everyone...

It's just kind amazing.
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Some things are just bad combinations.

Like sleep deprivation and new appliances, fire and expensive antiques, college students and free beer night.

And anxiety and hyperactivity.


At least now that I'm HOME I CAN be a twitching mass of arg arg arg arg arg arg flailing running about lemme make popcorn no I don't know why my stomach feels like that HEY DID YOU SEE MY TWEET STORM ABOUT RED DYE 40 HAVE I MENTIONED MY ATTENTION SPAN DIED AT ABOUT 9:30 HOW ABOUT THAT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA so the anxiety part is going down a little. And that whole "why ye I did wear a Transformers T-shirt to work today I WAS BEING WITTY because lol favorite team day shut up I don't care that it was sports teams I DON'T KNOW SPORTS" thing and oh god I am not making any sense.

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There may be plotting in the works. Involving character death.

Not this month because ahahaha no that would just cause far too much damage, buuut...

This idea is still in proto stages, so any input at all of timing to avoid, methods to avoid, anything that would trigger something not wanted, lemme know now so that they can be avoided early in. Similarly, anything you'd want to get your character to react to with this sorta thing, drop it here.

I still need to come up with an outcome goal for it since there are many possibilities; one being possibly a push towards selfishness, another getting him to stop trusting creepers people of questionable alignment, and poooosibly a strong push to the darkside. Depending. YB parallels are coming up strong and continuing that trend would be fun.

And everyone blame Olesia for this.
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So I'm thinking maybe next year for New Years, maybe I aught to, ya know, do something.

New Years stopped feeling any different once staying up past midnight started being an everyday thing. I mean, even then it was just me and my brother staying up all night watching Marx brothers' movies or something.

I dunno. Just me and my lack of a handle on this whole time thing makes New Years just... well. Another day.

Yeah, IDK. Holidays yet again this year just kinda sailed on by without me having a clue. I need a life.
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ON A WHIM I went "oh hey, there should be more Shiki out." And low and behold, there was!

The last 3 eps.

Which I started watching

At midnight.

It's 2am.

I am still flailing.


... freaking anime. *shakes fist*

..and yeah, I still totally recommend it. WTF was that even.

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Next step on merging KnN and Fran-web taken. the Fran-web domain is being moved to KnN's host. Once it's there, I can start figuring out just what in the heck I WANT under Fran-web to actually go up. Next month, can the hosting Fran-web used to be on, which will save me 120 bucks a year. Hell, transferring the domain itself is gonna save me a wad since it's on an ABUSIVE registrar that charged me freaking 45 bucks to renew last year. For serious. Most places charge under 20. Fuck that noise.

So. Yeah. Not even sure what I'm DOING with my webspace anymore. KnN sits there and will for as long as I have it cause that's the only thing people visit on there. I keep meaning to do more with my photos but... I dunno no motivation to actually put together a page or anything. I may just play with the gallery software.

Mostly, what my space gets used for is a space dump online. The temp DIR is huuuuge.

But yeah. If it weren't for KnN, I'd probably just can the whole deal. I dunno.

Kinda ironic. I always tell myself not to make decisions when I'm in a state, and it's when I am in a state that things finally start moving. Though to be fair, this had 99% external triggers. [finding out the billing info for FW was buggered leading to a "oh FFS" and starting the ball rolling.

God I'm a procrastinator @_@


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