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So for everyone I don't already pester on IM, Twitter or Plurk:


Move in date is the 15th. Stuff can get started moving the 12.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa packing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Apr. 3rd, 2011 06:52 pm
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So, I've been trying to find me a colourful, bright and not insanely overpriced necklace to have some flamboyancy that innit just limited to my hat. After a few days of searching online (and boggling at some of the shit people sell on Esty as well as some of the PRICES on Etsy...) I decided, fuck it, I'm gonna make my own.

Poke around Joanne's, find little, go to Michaels: Oh ho! 50% sale on strands. Spend a good hour or so just looking everything over before realizing that I need more than just this unless I'm gonna spend a looot more than I had intended. Find a beading starter kit with a gazillion seed beads and a few other things in it. Not on sale, but I have a 40% off coupon that brings it down to 17. Which is high, but doable and the most economical way to get what I want. Wind up dropping a good 35 bucks for that plus a few strands of singles/shineies. Lazily work on it on and off in the afternoon and...

Photo! )

Came out pretty good for a first project (not including one I made in girl scout camp yeeeears ago :D)

So. Now that I have all these supplies.. anybody want me to try and make em something? :) I have seed beads of almost every colour possible right now :D
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Things Frannen really likes: 5th Element

For those of you who haven't seen this movie, go watch that clip. Seriously. That clip sums up very well everything I love about this freaking movie. Yes, it's a bit slow til about the 3:20 mark, but it's worth it.

This movie has a pretty predictable plot but really... a plot does not make a movie. And that's a separate rant.

Anyway. This movie has amazing art to it. The cuts between scenes are freaking excellent, weaving together three conversations into one seamlessly. The choreography is great, the sync with the background music is perfect, the characters are pretty well done and hey, the future is actually believable.

I had this whole big thing in the car but I think I just... suck at typing these things out so will leave it at this.

...except to OMG again about how they do the scene splicing. Fucking love that. Done so well.
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*looks at meme prompt list*



So today was fun :D I lost track of time at work and wound up being there til 12:30 (wheee) and OH GOD GOT SO MUCH DONE @_@ but dear lord I wish these students would just... stay put. Someone went to Stafford, but then came back but then went back just in a different track... THERE HAVE BEEN NINE DAYS OF SCHOOL AND YOU HAVE BOUNCED TWICE?! GAAH. And then there;'s the scramblign of I have no idea when the person at Stafford scheduled these but now this person isn't on EST any longer and this person is over here and oh man STAY PUT.

But yeah. Realized that oh wait, with Monday of and Tuesday being a loss during head cold, ACK BACK UP OF TIME PENDING STUFF. BUT! I got almost all of it done! And I pumped out the attendance report in 10 minutes (including highlighting the printout and delivering it aw yeah) and instead of maintaining this list of like.. 50+ students to monitor the progress of, I can just run the "find all students in danger of failing!" query and go by that. TIME SAVED YES!

My extra 5 hours starts this week but I have nooo idea if I'll get them all in with the 4 day week and 1 super short day but WE SHALL SEE.

And minus the small anxiety slump of "oh god I have so many tasks right now" work was pretty awesome. I really prefer the days where I'm so busy that I'm FLYING because I can get it all done and don't have time to get bored. :D Even if some of the start of year stuff is kinda stressfull cause processes aren't set up yet so it's all "ARG" of doing things like merging three styles of EST plans to create one that's a lot like to state example but has more things on it. The fact that I just blitzed til 12:30 when ona normal day I get ot about 10:30 and start eyeing the clock... yeah. :)
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So. Yeah. There's that 30 questions meme thing. Optimistic considering my posting derpitide, but here we go. :D

Day 01 - Introduce yourself

Hi! I'm Fran!


oh wait I have to actually do more than that don't I? Erm..

List of these things that I will no doubt forget very quickly )
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Dracula the Musical.


This is just... woooow :D It's kinda amazing and O.o and Hello that's a little... and the stagework and lighting is niiiice *paws at*

Totally worth watching. Have only finished the first half cause was watching with Sennet and we needed a pause cause O.o.

And Helsing looks like Indiana Jones. For real. :D
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So, out of curiosity: What, if anything, would you guys say I'm passionate about/nerdy over/really into?

part 2!

Aug. 8th, 2010 10:42 am
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Natsume Yuujinchou: Who has seen it? I FINALLY resumed watching it this week [only been on my harddrive for 2 years, that's not that long, right? phhht] and oh god this show is so fluffy and brings a smiles to my face. It's like Mushishi lite. So nice. And it has a sequel now. [Have gotten that, we'll see how long it takes me to watch THAT] Still not licensed else I'd probably go get the discs.

I founds some cutesy hair clips for my now oh so short hair (which looks better) that are all rainbowy and I (finally) replaced the string for my hat with a rainbow of ribbon [50 cents a spool and buy one get one aw yeah] so I am even MOAR COLOURFUL.

The garden is looking real nice. (I should photo to show off) The beans are just climbing over EVERYTHING, the tomatoes have a good amount of little green tomatoes on em. Corn and squash are a bit slow, but I planted them late. Onions are being hugged by the beans (or rather, one very very active bean plant. Next year if I use those seeds again I need to trellis them.) Got permission to dig up the weed bed and plant stuff, too. I AM ALREADY PLANNING NEXT YEARS GARDEN. WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE THE URGE TO PLANT STUFF IN THE WRONG SEASON. Finally found some place with more of the chickenwire I wanted for the fencing, gonna get that all set up later. Probably tomorrow. We'll see.

So Kristen finally is admitting that the hedgekeeper is her boyfriend. Aaaand after not being home more than 5 hours in 3 weeks, she's moving out. So awkward as we try and find a new forth. @_@ Though really, I have no idea WHEN she's moving out since she said she was, gave me her part of the month's rent.... and then vanished into the sunset with her boyfriend. Maybe they have to get his place ready for all her stuff first IDK. Whatever. Heck, depending how much a storage place costs her, maybe she's planning on just stoeing it all here, who knows!

... and I am yawning a bunch despite being hyper. Oh lord today's gonna be interesting. *flutters off*
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So I'm gonna be trying this "be on the computer less" thing this week. Scaling back how much I check things. Disabled LJ tools then went "Wait, I liked that feature" and re-enabled it and just told it to stop checking my friends list and only check my stalk like like.. 2x a day.

Anxiety spike is easing off but still simmering. No longer afraid to check my inbox, which is good. Starting to chat with my friends again instead of hiding in a corner. All good signs!

Last performance today! At 2! If you're in the area, SHOW UP! :D

Saw Paula briefly at last nights, but she was all over the place as Paula often is. Still was nice to spot her.

I keep staying up til 2am @_@ Ya know, as it's getting closer to the end of summer where ha ha no, can't be doing that much longer. 6:30 wake up calls coming in two weeks! Oh god, I can't wait for that. Not the wake up call, but summer to be OVER. I need my routine back, I need my PAYCHECK back and goddamn I want to crunch me some numbers. Especially numbers that MEAN something and can be acted on. [and that get positive feedback. I don't think that many people care about my stats posts on C&C ^^;;; ] I have this LIST in my head forming of "and when I get in I need to do X, Y, Z..." Should check my work email. But I don't like checking it when I don't have work cause it'll be all things I can't do anything about and then I'm back to making grabby hands going "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

... god I sound like a workaholic. But I'm not, really. I just... really miss the structure and the paycheck and the people and the patterns I can build around it and the being productive and etc etc etc. Summer is like one Sunday after another and I NEVER get anything of value done on a Sunday. I am far more productive when I go out to work first. Sundays are sloth days. Work days I tend to be very "FUCK YEAH" when I get out.


... now if I can just get my physical activity levels up too... phhht yeah right. But there are plans for the garden and the weather's been so niiiiice...

But call is at 1 and it's 10:30 now so pppphht.

... and besides. I wanna see if I can get this thing hatched on Pokefarm. *hides in shame cause lol, stupid game addiction*


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