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frannyan ([personal profile] frannyan) wrote2011-12-28 10:28 pm

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Things that kinda amuse in reflection. Skimming over the entries I imported...

All that frustration? 99% GONE. Kinda nice to know that most of my table flipping was result of the crappy landlord situation.

God I love where we live right now <3

So yeah, general update, moving stuff to Dreamwidth, volunteering at the co-op, maaaaybe picking up a 2nd part time job there? It depends how things go but I told Julia I'd be interested and she knows I know computers and have organization skills. So unless she finds someone else who has experience doing exactly what she wants... Really hopeful there. :) YEAR ROUND EMPLOYMENT FUCK YEAH :D

Still mostly doing chatter on Plurk because lol, journals, when do I update them? But hey! An update that's not frustration! Whee!

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