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Things that kinda amuse in reflection. Skimming over the entries I imported...

All that frustration? 99% GONE. Kinda nice to know that most of my table flipping was result of the crappy landlord situation.

God I love where we live right now <3

So yeah, general update, moving stuff to Dreamwidth, volunteering at the co-op, maaaaybe picking up a 2nd part time job there? It depends how things go but I told Julia I'd be interested and she knows I know computers and have organization skills. So unless she finds someone else who has experience doing exactly what she wants... Really hopeful there. :) YEAR ROUND EMPLOYMENT FUCK YEAH :D

Still mostly doing chatter on Plurk because lol, journals, when do I update them? But hey! An update that's not frustration! Whee!
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Hello Franana-Banana, I'm on ur blog, making useless comments~
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Glad you like the place where you live now.:D

Still doing tons of gardening? More work, more money, sounds nice!

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This is going to seem super out of the blue, but the other day I was having a huge fandom nostalgia bomb and got to thinking about my old online friends and you and the whole KnN/Defiler/etc./whatever group crossed my mind. You are the only one that apparently goes by the same username anywhere, though. Either that or I suck at the Google.

But yeah, thought I'd drop a hello.

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hi it's joou

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NO ONE ELSE DOES. Including myself, but mostly because I'd rather people not associate now me with 2003 me.


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Look at me responding a million years late because I am -awesome-. That's kind of incredible that not much has changed at all with you guys (but congratulations on the marriage 8D). I honestly didn't even know the fandom still existed, much less with the same people that populated it 10 years ago. I've been hugely nostalgic, but it is also making me feel incredibly old. I AM TOO YOUNG TO FEEL OLD, INTERNET.
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[and look at me replying with an RP account cause phhht too lazy to swap. And just realizing now that I typoed RP and RL ><]

I don't even know if I'd even count the fandom as *existing* so much as some of the oldbees are still hanging on despite reason. :) Most of the fandom is 5Ds, Zexel or Abridged at this point. Every now and then I find a few DM fans on Plurk and we squeal at each other and lament the state of fandom :)