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Got a call from mom yesterday about my uncle being in the hospital because he wound up severely jaundiced. Found a tumor behind his liver and gall stones.

And cancer.

And today they found out that the cancer's already metastasized. It's in his stomach and intestines already. If they do surgery, there's a 10% chance of survival. With those odds, he's refusing it.

Grandma got told today about the cancer. Mom just told her yesterday about the jaundice. Doesn't want to tell her about the rest and I don't blame her.

Told me yesterday to send a get well card. Told me today to change it to a "Thinking of you."

Because there's very little chance he will get better.

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oh christ D:

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Yeah... and I feel kinda bad that mostly, I'm worried about Grandma and mom. Because my uncle is a racist toolbag. -_- But he's also Grandma's favorite and was named after Grandpa...

and it's just... oh god. Out of no where and just.. so much.