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So, I've been trying to find me a colourful, bright and not insanely overpriced necklace to have some flamboyancy that innit just limited to my hat. After a few days of searching online (and boggling at some of the shit people sell on Esty as well as some of the PRICES on Etsy...) I decided, fuck it, I'm gonna make my own.

Poke around Joanne's, find little, go to Michaels: Oh ho! 50% sale on strands. Spend a good hour or so just looking everything over before realizing that I need more than just this unless I'm gonna spend a looot more than I had intended. Find a beading starter kit with a gazillion seed beads and a few other things in it. Not on sale, but I have a 40% off coupon that brings it down to 17. Which is high, but doable and the most economical way to get what I want. Wind up dropping a good 35 bucks for that plus a few strands of singles/shineies. Lazily work on it on and off in the afternoon and...

Came out pretty good for a first project (not including one I made in girl scout camp yeeeears ago :D)

So. Now that I have all these supplies.. anybody want me to try and make em something? :) I have seed beads of almost every colour possible right now :D

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Saw your name on someone's Favorites on FFnet, wandered over to see if I could find your journal ...

... I feel compelled to tell you that I just lit the last of the candles I bought from you, oh so many years and years ago.

I miss the old days of the fandom. I miss KG.

*randomly hugs and then wanders away again.*

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*hugs* I kinda miss KG as well. It was the relatively sane corner of fandom. Lot of good memories there.