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frannyan ([personal profile] frannyan) wrote2011-03-17 04:55 pm

RP stuff

It might be the ear infection and the seasonal affective disorder talking but I just... haven't felt on game for how I've been playing lately.

Starting to wonder if this plot was a mistake. I've lost focus of where I'm going and it doesn't seem to make a difference anyway. Doesn't help that half the game is hiatused and there's just no energy in it...

And it's not across board. Some posts? I'm fine with. It's going normally. They're lighter ones where the recent plot doesn't really have much weight. Logs, on the other hand?

I keep feeling like I'm fumbling the YB log. I don't know if it's because it's going slow so I'm loosing my ideas from tag to tag or something else...

I dunno. I'm kinda wondering if I'm burning out. I'm more a reactionary RPer than an active one. The YB log is one that Bakura is carrying because ICly YB doesn't wanna be there. So I'm fumbling up a storm and just... I don't know how to lead that. And it's a problem, I think. I had all these ideas and they just... evaporated. Like with the mini plot that's going to finally happen this weekend. I had a thought last week that I wanted Baku not have his powers come back for it. But when I got asked why I realized I couldn't recall.

and I'm feeling antsy so I'm gonna bugger off an do something. I may say more later, I may not. I'm not really expecting anyone to read this anyway @_@

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I'm reading.

And I've thought you've been doing a marvelous job with the aftermath of his death, for what it's worth.

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It is worth a lot!

I just kinda... feel lost in the whole thing right now. I had ideas to start with but they kinda evaporated. And then there's a bit of disconnect of it seeming like nothing's changed. IDK. I think that's part of why I'm putting off him getting his magic back.

You on IM BTW? (this is most of what I wanted to poke ya about just because it's been strewing in my head. @_@)

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I will be later; I have to make dinner atm.

But if those ideas seem like they're evaporating, you grab them and bring them right back. Unfortunately, many in C&C do have this thing where it's 2 weeks of OH NO and then... nothing. Back to usual. Even after canon updates, there's not much of a change, you know?

So ram it down the comm's throat until it sticks, I say. 'S how I do it.

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Poke when you get on then. :)

I just.. kinda.. don't recall them because I'm a derp who doesn't take notes. @_@ I forget, did I blather on to you about plans?

And yeah, totally have noticed @_@ And I really don't want to do it that way, but I don't want him stuck in emo mode for too long ether because goddamn it's hard to play him like this. It's the first time I've actually had muse resistance with Bakura, it's just WEIRD. It's just kinda hard him unemoing when it feels like nothing's changed, ya know?