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LJ's IP is listed in the Spamhaus Blocking List because LJ is allowing Russian pharma spammers to abuse their service. Spamhaus is one of the most respected anti spam organizations in the world, and being listed there means they've ignored spammers on their network for quite a while and virtually no large ISP/email host wants their mail until they start acting like responsible Internet citizens. is the listing.

So yeah. That's probably why notifs are fucked.

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although I always rely on my inbox and never my email just because notifs get fucked so often.

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SPEAKING OF guess what's showing up 15 min late again. >

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I spoke way too soon. -_-

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Thats... not really the case.

Spamhaus uses honeypotting, they have email addresses that trigger a spammer whenever they're emailed. It's just as possible that people are maliciously targetting LJ on spamhaus in a really easy to just register an account with a spam honeypot address and have it get smoked that way.

Dealing with this was a fun time back when i was a sysop.

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well that explains all the fucking spam bots