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Think that would be worth 3 bucks if I tried selling it?

Or should I try doing a small pack of like... 3-5 different designs instead of a single card?

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Definitely cute. Are they to remain blank? Your design suggests a "Thinking of You" or "Hang in There" type format.

I assume you're rounding for our sakes. Always go for $2.99 or $2.79. Research has demonstrated over-and-over again that the brain doesn't really read past that first number :-)

A packaged set would probably work better in my opinion.

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Yep, remaining blank. Poor slogans inside can ruin a card and limit it's usefulness. That and my handwriting is crap and stamping slogans doesn't work too well.

Where it's possibly being sold they don't fart around with .99s. so will be matching that format.

*makes a note of input*